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  • Hughie

    Diminutive of Hugh.

  • Hugleikr

    Old Norse name derived from hugr "heart, mind, spirit" and leikr "play".

  • Hugo

    Latinized form of Hugh.

  • Hugubert

    Old Germanic form of Hubert.

  • Hugues

    French form of Hugh.

  • Huguette

    Feminine form of Hugues.

  • Huguo

    Old Germanic form of Hugh.

  • Huhana

    Maori form of Susan.

  • Hui

    From Chinese "intelligent, wise" or "brightness".

  • Huitzilihuitl

    Huitzilihuitl originates in Native American languages and means "feather of a hummingbird".

  • Huld

    Old Norse variant of Hulda.

  • Hulda

    Derived from Old Norse hulda meaning "hiding, secrecy".

  • Huldah

    Means "weasel, mole" in Hebrew.

  • Hulderic

    Derived from the Germanic elements hulþa "merciful, graceful" and ric "power, rule".

  • Hülya

    Means "daydream" in Turkish.

  • Humbert

    Means "bright warrior", derived from the Germanic elements hun "warrior, bear cub" and beraht "bright".

  • Humberto

    Humberto is a Spanish variant of Humbert.

  • Humphrey

    Means "peaceful warrior" from the Germanic elements hun "warrior, bear cub" and frid "peace".

  • Humphry

    Variant of Humphrey.

  • Hunberct

    Germanic form of Humbert.

  • Hunfrid

    Germanic form of Humphrey.

  • Hung

    Hung is a Vietnamese name and it literally translates into "heroic.

  • Hùng

    Means "brave, heroic" in Vietnamese.

  • Hunter

    From an occupational English surname for a hunter, derived from Old English hunta.

  • Huong

    Huong is a spelling variant of Hong.

  • Huppert

    Low German form of Hubert.

  • Huri

    Means "linen weaver" in Hebrew.

  • Hurik

    Means "small fire" in Armenian.

  • Hurley

    Hurley is an English name, derived from the Old English word "hyrne", which means "corner or bend", and "leah", which means "a clearing".

  • Husain

    Variant transcription of Husayn.

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Names between Hughie and Husain that Begin with H. Hughie, Hugleikr, Hugo, Hugubert, Hugues, Huguette, Huguo, Huhana, Hui, Huitzilihuitl, Huld, Hulda, Huldah, Hulderic, Hülya, Humbert, Humberto, Humphrey, Humphry, Hunberct, Hunfrid, Hung, Hùng, Hunter, Huong, Huppert, Huri, Hurik, Hurley, Husain, Names between Hughie and Husain that Begin with H

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