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  • Husam

    Means "sword" in Arabic.

  • Husayn

    Diminutive of Hasan.

  • Husein

    Bosnian form of Husayn.

  • Hüseyin

    Turkish form of Husayn.

  • Hüseyn

    Azerbaijani form of Husayn.

  • Husni

    Derived from Arabic (husn) meaning "beauty, excellence, goodness".

  • Husniya

    Strictly feminine form of Husni.

  • Hüsnü

    Turkish form of Husni.

  • Hussain

    Variant transcription of Husayn.

  • Hussein

    Variant transcription of Husayn.

  • Hutton

    Hutton is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old English word "hoh", which means "ridge", and "tun", which means "enclosure or settlement".

  • Huub

    Dutch short form of Hubert.

  • Huw

    Welsh form of Hugh.

  • Huxley

    Huxley is an Anglo-Saxon locational surname given to someone who comes from a place called Huxley or Huxeleah.

  • Huy

    Huy originates in Vietnamese language and it means "light".

  • Hvare Khshaeta

    Ancient Avestan form of Khurshid.

  • Hwan

    Means "shining, bright" from Sino-Korean.

  • Hyacinth

    English form of Hyacinthus.

  • Hyacintha

    Latinate feminine form of Hyacinthus, used to refer to the 17th-century Italian saint Hyacintha Mariscotti (real name Giacinta).

  • Hyacinthe

    French masculine and feminine form of Hyacinthus.

  • Hyacinthus

    Latinized form of the Greek name ‘Υακινθος (Hyakinthos) , which was derived from the name of the hyacinth flower.

  • Hyakinthos

    Greek form of Hyacinthus.

  • Hyam

    Variant transcription of Chayyim.

  • Hyatt

    Hyatt is an English locational name for a person who lived near or at the "high gate".

  • Hyder

    Variant transcription of Haidar.

  • Hye

    Means "wisdom, intelligence" from Sino-Korean.

  • Hyeon

    Means "virtuous" from Sino-Korean.

  • Hyginos

    Greek form of Hyginus.

  • Hyginus

    Latinized form of ‘Υγινος (Hyginos) , a Greek name derived from ‘υγιεινος (hygieinos) meaning "healthy".

  • Hylda

    Variant of Hilda.

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Names between Husam and Hylda that Begin with H. Husam, Husayn, Husein, Hüseyin, Hüseyn, Husni, Husniya, Hüsnü, Hussain, Hussein, Hutton, Huub, Huw, Huxley, Huy, Hvare Khshaeta, Hwan, Hyacinth, Hyacintha, Hyacinthe, Hyacinthus, Hyakinthos, Hyam, Hyatt, Hyder, Hye, Hyeon, Hyginos, Hyginus, Hylda, Names between Husam and Hylda that Begin with H

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