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  • Honorius

    Late Latin name which meant "honour".

  • Honour

    From the English word honour, which is of Latin origin.

  • Honza

    Czech form of Hans.

  • Hooda

    Variant transcription of Huda.

  • Hoon

    Hoon originates in Korean language and it means "teaching".

  • Hoover

    Hoover is an English name, derived from the Germanic word "huober", which means "owner of a patch of farmland".

  • Hopcyn

    Welsh form of Hopkin.

  • Hope

    From the English word hope, ultimately from Old English hopian.

  • Hopkin

    Medieval diminutive of Hob.

  • Hopkins

    Hopkins is ultimately derived from Robert.

  • Horace

    English and French form of Horatius, and the name by which the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus is commonly known those languages.

  • Horacio

    Spanish form of Horatius.

  • Horácio

    Portuguese form of Horatius.

  • Horațiu

    Romanian form of Horatius.

  • Horatia

    Feminine form of Horatius.

  • Horatio

    Variant of Horatius.

  • Horatius

    Roman family name which was possibly derived from Latin hora "hour, time, season", though the name may actually be of Etruscan origin.

  • Horea

    From Romanian horă, a type of circle dance.

  • Horia

    Variant of Horea.

  • Hormazd

    Persian form of Ahura Mazda.

  • Horos

    Greek form of Heru (see Horus).

  • Horsa

    From the Germanic element hros or hors meaning "horse".

  • Horst

    Means "wood, thicket" in German.

  • Hortense

    French form of Hortensia.

  • Hortensia

    Feminine form of the Roman family name Hortensius, possibly derived from Latin hortus "garden".

  • Hortensius

    Masculine form of Hortensia.

  • Horton

    Horton is an English name, derived from the Latin word "hortiss", which means "garden".

  • Horus

    Latinized form of ‘Ωρος (Horos) , the Greek form of Egyptian Hrw (reconstructed as Heru) possibly meaning "falcon" or "high".

  • Hosanna

    From the Aramaic religious expression (Hosha' na') meaning "deliver us" in Hebrew.

  • Hosea

    Variant transcription of Hoshe'a (see Hoshea).

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Names between Honorius and Hosea that Begin with H. Honorius, Honour, Honza, Hooda, Hoon, Hoover, Hopcyn, Hope, Hopkin, Hopkins, Horace, Horacio, Horácio, Horațiu, Horatia, Horatio, Horatius, Horea, Horia, Hormazd, Horos, Horsa, Horst, Hortense, Hortensia, Hortensius, Horton, Horus, Hosanna, Hosea, Names between Honorius and Hosea that Begin with H

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