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  • Hinata

    From Japanese "sunflower" or "facing the sun".

  • Hind

    Possibly means "group of camels" in Arabic.

  • Hindrick

    Hindrick is ultimately derived from Henry.

  • Hine

    Means "girl" in Maori.

  • Hines

    Hines is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name "O"Heidhin", which means "the descendent of Eidhin".

  • Hinrich

    Low German form of Heinrich.

  • Hinrik

    Icelandic form of Henry.

  • Hipolit

    Polish form of Hippolytos.

  • Hipólito

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Hippolytos.

  • Hippocrates

    Latinized form of the Greek name ‘Ιπποκρατης (Hippokrates) which meant "horse power", derived from the elements ‘ιππος (hippos) "horse" and κρατος (kratos) "power".

  • Hippokrates

    Greek form of Hippocrates.

  • Hippolyta

    Latinized form of Hippolyte.

  • Hippolyte

    Feminine form of Hippolytos.

  • Hippolytos

    Means "freer of horses" from Greek ‘ιππος (hippos) "horse" and λυω (lyo) "to loosen".

  • Hirah

    Means "splendour" in Hebrew.

  • Hiraku

    Means "expand, open, pioneer" in Japanese.

  • Hiraldo

    Hiraldo is a variant of Harold.

  • Hiram

    Probably of Phoenician origin, though it could be from Hebrew meaning "exalted brother".

  • Hiroaki

    Hiroaki is a Japanese name that literally means "spreading brightness".

  • Hirohito

    Hirohito is a Japanese name that means "abundant benevolence".

  • Hiroki

    Hiroki is a Japanese name that literally means "large sparkle".

  • Hiroko

    From Japanese (hiro) "tolerant, generous", (hiro) "abundant" or (hiro) "prosperous" combined with (ko) "child".

  • Hiromichi

    Hiromichi is a Japanese name that literally means "wide street".

  • Hiromitsu

    Hiromitsu is a Japanese name that literally means "wide light".

  • Hironori

    Hironori is a Japanese name that means "tolerant rule".

  • Hiroshi

    From Japanese "tolerant, generous" or "prosperous".

  • Hiroto

    From Japanese (hiro) "large, great" or (hiro) "command, esteem" combined with (to) "soar, fly" or (to) , which refers to the constellation Ursa Major.

  • Hiroyuki

    Hiroyuki is a Japanese name, derived from the words "hiro", which means "broad or wide", and "yuki", which means "happiness or blessing".

  • Hirschel

    Hirschel is a Yiddish name, derived from the Hebrew word for "deer".

  • Hirsh

    Variant transcription of Hersh.

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Names between Hinata and Hirsh that Begin with H. Hinata, Hind, Hindrick, Hine, Hines, Hinrich, Hinrik, Hipolit, Hipólito, Hippocrates, Hippokrates, Hippolyta, Hippolyte, Hippolytos, Hirah, Hiraku, Hiraldo, Hiram, Hiroaki, Hirohito, Hiroki, Hiroko, Hiromichi, Hiromitsu, Hironori, Hiroshi, Hiroto, Hiroyuki, Hirschel, Hirsh, Names between Hinata and Hirsh that Begin with H

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