Horace name - Meaning of Horace

Horace name - Meaning of Horace

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English, French, Latin
HAWR-əs (English) , o-RAHS (French)
Horace Meaning
English and French form of Horatius, and the name by which the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus is commonly known those languages. In the modern era it has been used as a given name since the Renaissance, in honour of the poet. Horace is derived directly from the Latin "Horatius", which was the name given to a timekeeper in Roman times.

Horace Related Names
Variant: Horatio (English)
Other Languages: Horatius (Ancient Roman), Orazio (Italian), Horácio (Portuguese), Horațiu (Romanian), Horacio (Spanish)

Horace Celebrities
Horace - author, Horace Clarke - baseball player, Horace Gant - football player, Horace Gregory - author, Horace Ivory - football player, Horace Vernet - artist, Horace Walpole - author,

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Meaning of Horace Name

Horace name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Horace.

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