Helen name - Meaning of Helen

Helen name - Meaning of Helen

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English, Greek Mythology (Anglicized)
HEL-ən (English)
Helen Meaning
English form of the Greek ‘Ελενη (Helene) , probably from Greek ‘ελενη (helene) "torch" or "corposant", or possibly related to σεληνη (selene) "moon". In Greek mythology Helen was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, whose kidnapping by Paris was the cause of the Trojan War. The name was also borne by the 4th-century Saint Helena, mother of the Roman emperor Constantine, who supposedly found the True Cross during a trip to Jerusalem. The name was originally used among early Christians in honour of the saint, as opposed to the classical character. In England it was commonly spelled Ellen during the Middle Ages, and the spelling Helen was not regularly used until after the Renaissance. A famous bearer was Helen Keller (1880-1968), an American author and lecturer who was both blind and deaf. Helen originates in Greek language and means "torch of light". In Greek mythology, Helen is a famous figure, known as Helen of Troy. She was a daughter of Zeus, described as a beautiful woman. Her abduction by Paris triggered off a series of events which finally ended in the Trojan War. In Christianity, Saint Helena is the one who found the relics of the True Cross upon which Jesus was crucified. Throughout centuries, Helen has been one of the most popular feminine given names.

Helen Related Names
Variants: Ellen, Helena, Hellen (English), Helena, Helene (Greek Mythology), Jelena, Ileana, Ilona, Elaine, Heleen, Yelena, Alena, Lenka, Olena, Leena, Eileen, Elina, Elaina
Diminutives: Ella, Ellie, Elly, Lena, Nell, Nellie, Nelly, Elle, Nelle (English)
Other Languages: Shelena (African American), Helena, Helene (Ancient Greek), Elena (Bulgarian), Helena, Jelena, Elena, Jela, Jelica, Jelka (Croatian), Helena, Alena, Lenka (Czech), Elin, Helena, Helene, Eli, Ella, Lena, Lene (Danish), Heleen, Helena, Heleentje (Dutch), Helena, Leena (Estonian), Eliina, Elina, Helena, Ella, Heleena, Heli, Leena (Finnish), Hélène (French), Elene (Georgian), Elena, Helena, Helene, Alena, Lena, Lene, Leni (German), Elene, Eleni (Greek), Heléna (Hungarian), Léan (Irish), Elena (Italian), Helēna, Jeļena (Latvian), Elena (Lithuanian), Elena (Macedonian), Elin, Helena, Helene, Eli, Ella, Lena, Lene (Norwegian), Helena, Lena (Polish), Helena, Lena (Portuguese), Elena, Ileana, Lenuța (Romanian), Elena, Yelena, Alyona, Lena (Russian), Jelena, Jela, Jelica, Jelka (Serbian), Helena, Alena, Lenka (Slovak), Helena, Jelena, Alena, Alenka, Elena, Jela, Jelica, Jelka (Slovene), Elena, Ileana, Iliana (Spanish), Elin, Elina, Helena, Helene, Ella, Lena (Swedish), Olena, Lesya (Ukrainian), Elen, Elin (Welsh)

Helen Celebrities
Helen Hunt - actress, Helen Baxendale - actress, Helen Taft - U.S. First Lady in the 20th Century, Helen Armstrong - artist, Helen Benbow - writer, Helen Berman - artist, Helen Brodie - model, Helen Buss - published author, Helen Campbell - published author, Helen Chappell - writer, Helen Craig - writer, Helen Daniel - writer, Helen Demott - artist, Helen Dunmore - writer, Helen Eriksen - jazz artist,

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Meaning of Helen Name

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