Davina name - Meaning of Davina

Davina name - Meaning of Davina

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English (British), Hebrew
Davina Meaning
Feminine form of David. It originated in Scotland. Davina originates in Hebrew language and means "adored". It is a feminine form of David, an important figure in the Bible. Davina itself is probably a Scottish variant of David. In the United States, the name is not very popular.

Davina Related Names
Variants: Davena, Davida, Daveen, Davine, Davinia, Daveena
Diminutive: Davinia
Masculine Forms: Dave, Davey, David, Davie, Davy

Davina Celebrities
Davina McCall - actress,

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Meaning of Davina Name

Davina name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Davina.

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