Vasili name - Meaning of Vasili

Vasili name - Meaning of Vasili

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Russian, Greek
Vasili Meaning
Variant transcription of Vasiliy. Vasili is a Russian variant of Basil. Basil is a very old name, derived from the Greek name "Basileios", which means "kingly or royal". There are a number of different spellings of this name, from Basil to Vasile.

Vasili Related Names
Variants: Vasiliy, Vasily, Vassily
Diminutives: Vaska, Vasya
Feminine Form: Vasilisa
Other Languages: Vasil (Albanian), Basileios, Basilius (Ancient Greek), Vasil, Vasko (Bulgarian), Basil (English), Pasi (Finnish), Basile (French), Vasil, Vaso (Georgian), Vasilios, Vasilis, Vassilis, Vaso (Greek), Basilio (Italian), Vasil, Vasko (Macedonian), Bazyli (Polish), Vasile, Vasilica (Romanian), Vasilije, Vaso (Serbian), Basilio (Spanish), Vasyl, Wasyl (Ukrainian)

Vasili Celebrities
Vasili Lazarev - astronaut,

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Meaning of Vasili Name

Vasili name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Vasili.

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