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  • Sa'adat

    Means "happiness, luck" in Arabic.

  • Saara

    Finnish form of Sarah.

  • Saba

    Georgian form of Sabas.

  • Sabah

    Means "morning" in Arabic and Turkish.

  • Sabas

    From a Greek name which was derived from Hebrew (sava') meaning "old man".

  • Sabbas

    Variant of Sabas.

  • Sabeen

    Means "follower of another religion" in Arabic.

  • Sabela

    Galician form of Isabel.

  • Sabella

    Short form of Isabella.

  • Sabellius

    Latin form of Saveliy.

  • Sabia

    Latinized form of Sadb.

  • Sabien

    Dutch form of Sabina.

  • Sabina

    Feminine form of Sabinus, a Roman cognomen meaning "Sabine" in Latin.

  • Sabine

    French and German form of Sabina.

  • Sabino

    Italian form of Sabinus (see Sabina).

  • Sabinus

    Latin masculine form of Sabina.

  • Sable

    From the English word meaning "black", derived from the name of the black-furred mammal native to Northern Asia, ultimately of Slavic origin.

  • Sabra

    Sabra originates in Hebrew language and is taken from the name of a cactus.

  • Sabri

    Means "patient" in Arabic.

  • Sabrina

    Latinized form of Habren, the original Welsh name of the River Severn.

  • Sabriye

    Turkish form of Sabriyya.

  • Sabriyya

    Feminine form of Sabri.

  • Sabryna

    Variant of Sabrina.

  • Saburo

    Variant transcription of Saburou.

  • Saburou

    From Japanese (sabu) "three" and (rou) "son".

  • Sacagawea

    Probably from Hidatsa tsakáka wía meaning "bird woman".

  • Sacha

    French form of Sasha.

  • Sachairi

    Scottish form of Zechariah.

  • Sacheverell

    From a surname which was derived from a Norman place name.

  • Sachi

    Sachi originates in Japanese language and means "blessed child".

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Names that Begin with S. Sa'adat, Saara, Saba, Sabah, Sabas, Sabbas, Sabeen, Sabela, Sabella, Sabellius, Sabia, Sabien, Sabina, Sabine, Sabino, Sabinus, Sable, Sabra, Sabri, Sabrina, Sabriye, Sabriyya, Sabryna, Saburo, Saburou, Sacagawea, Sacha, Sachairi, Sacheverell, Sachi, Names that Begin with S

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