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  • Sargon

    From the Akkadian name Sharru-kinu meaning "true king".

  • Sari

    Finnish form of Sarah.

  • Sári

    Hungarian diminutive of Sarah.

  • Sariah

    Possibly from an alternate reading of Hebrew (see Seraiah).

  • Sarika

    Means "myna bird" in Sanskrit.

  • Sárika

    Hungarian diminutive of Sarah.

  • Sarina

    Meaning unknown, perhaps a diminutive of Sara or a variant of Serena.

  • Sarit

    Hebrew diminutive of Sarah.

  • Sarita

    Spanish diminutive of Sarah.

  • Šárka

    Meaning unknown.

  • Sarosh

    Modern Persian form of Avestan Sraosha meaning "obedience".

  • Sarpedon

    Meaning unknown.

  • Sarra

    Biblical Greek and Latin form of Sarah.

  • Saša

    Croatian, Serbian and Slovene diminutive of Aleksander or Aleksandra.

  • Sascha

    German form of Sasha.

  • Sasha

    Russian diminutive of Aleksandr or Aleksandra.

  • Sashi

    Variant transcription of Shashi.

  • Sashka

    Macedonian diminutive of Aleksandra.

  • Sasho

    Macedonian and Bulgarian diminutive of Alexander.

  • Sasithorn

    Means "the moon" in Thai (a poetic word).

  • Saskia

    From the Germanic element sachs "Saxon".

  • Sašo

    Slovene diminutive of Alexander.

  • Sassa

    Swedish diminutive of Astrid, Alexandra or Sarah.

  • Satan

    Derived from Hebrew (satan) meaning "adversary".

  • Satchel

    From a surname derived from Old English sacc meaning "sack, bag", referring to a person who was a bag maker.

  • Sati

    Means "truthful" in Sanskrit.

  • Satish

    Means "lord of Sati" from the name of the Hindu goddess Sati combined with (isha) "ruler".

  • Satomi

    From Japanese (sato) "village" or (sato) "wise" combined with (mi) "beautiful".

  • Satu

    Means "fairy tale, fable" in Finnish.

  • Saturn

    From the Latin Saturnus, which is of unknown meaning.

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Names between Sargon and Saturn that Begin with S. Sargon, Sari, Sári, Sariah, Sarika, Sárika, Sarina, Sarit, Sarita, Šárka, Sarosh, Sarpedon, Sarra, Saša, Sascha, Sasha, Sashi, Sashka, Sasho, Sasithorn, Saskia, Sašo, Sassa, Satan, Satchel, Sati, Satish, Satomi, Satu, Saturn, Names between Sargon and Saturn that Begin with S

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