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  • Sahib

    Sahib is an Indian name which literally translates as "master".

  • Sahin

    Turkish form of Shahin.

  • Sahnaz

    Turkish form of Shahnaz.

  • Saibh

    Variant of Sadb.

  • Sa'id

    Means "happy, lucky" in Arabic.

  • Sa'ida

    Feminine form of Sa'id.

  • Saif

    Means "sword" in Arabic.

  • Saif Al-Din

    Means "sword of the faith" from Arabic (sayf) "sword" and (din) "religion, faith".

  • Saiful

    First part of compound Arabic names beginning with (Sayf al) meaning "sword of the" (such as Saif Al-Din).

  • Saifullah

    Means "sword of God" from Arabic (sayf) "sword" combined with (Allah) "God".

  • Saija

    Diminutive of Sari.

  • Sailor

    Sailor is an English vocabulary name, taken from the English word "sailor", which means "seaman or one who sails".

  • Saira

    Possibly means "traveller" in Arabic.

  • Sajjad

    Means "kneeling in prayer, prostration" in Arabic.

  • Sakakawea

    Sakakawea is another version of the name Sacagawea.

  • Sakari

    Finnish form of Zechariah.

  • Sakhr

    Means "solid rock" in Arabic.

  • Saki

    From Japanese (sa) "blossom" and (ki) "hope".

  • Sakina

    Means "calmness, peace" in Arabic.

  • Sakineh

    Persian form of Sakina.

  • Sakke

    Diminutive of Sakari.

  • Saku

    Diminutive of Sakari.

  • Sakura

    From Japanese "cherry blossom", though it is often written using the hiragana writing system.

  • Sakurako

    From Japanese (sakura) "cherry blossom" and (ko) "child".

  • Sal

    Short form of Sally, Salvador, and other names beginning with Sal.

  • Salacia

    Derived from Latin sal meaning "salt".

  • Saladin

    Anglicized form of Salah Al-Din.

  • Salah

    Means "righteousness" in Arabic.

  • Salah Al-Din

    Means "righteousness of religion" from Arabic (salah) "righteousness" combined with (din) "religion, faith".

  • Salamon

    Hungarian form of Solomon.

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Names between Sahib and Salamon that Begin with S. Sahib, Sahin, Sahnaz, Saibh, Sa'id, Sa'ida, Saif, Saif Al-Din, Saiful, Saifullah, Saija, Sailor, Saira, Sajjad, Sakakawea, Sakari, Sakhr, Saki, Sakina, Sakineh, Sakke, Saku, Sakura, Sakurako, Sal, Salacia, Saladin, Salah, Salah Al-Din, Salamon, Names between Sahib and Salamon that Begin with S

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