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  • Salvatore

    Italian cognate of Salvador.

  • Salvatrice

    From Salvatrix, the feminine form of Salvator (see Salvador).

  • Salvatrix

    Feminine form of Salvator.

  • Salwah

    Means "comfort" in Arabic.

  • Sam

    Short form of Samuel, Samson or Samantha.

  • Samad

    Means "eternal" in Arabic.

  • Samanta

    Italian and Spanish form of Samantha.

  • Samantha

    Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of Samuel, using the name suffix antha (possibly inspired by Greek ανθος (anthos) "flower").

  • Samar

    Means "evening conversation" in Arabic.

  • Samara

    Possibly derived from the biblical place name Samaria, which means "watch mountain" in Hebrew.

  • Sameer

    Variant transcription of Samir.

  • Sameera

    Variant transcription of Samira.

  • Sami

    Hungarian and Finnish diminutive of Samuel.

  • Samia

    Variant transcription of Samiya.

  • Samina

    Variant transcription of Thamina.

  • Samir

    Azerbaijani form of Samir.

  • Samira

    Feminine form of Samir.

  • Samiya

    Feminine form of Sami.

  • Sammi

    Diminutive of Samantha.

  • Sammie

    Diminutive of Samuel, Samson or Samantha.

  • Sammy

    Diminutive of Samuel, Samson or Samantha.

  • Samnang

    Means "lucky" in Khmer.

  • Samo

    Meaning uncertain.

  • Samoil

    Macedonian form of Samuel.

  • Samorn

    Samorn originates in Thai language and it means "darling gorgeous woman".

  • Samouel

    Form of Samuel found in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Sampo

    Meaning unknown.

  • Samppa

    Finnish diminutive of Samuli or Aleksanteri, or else a variant of Sampo.

  • Sampson

    Greek form of Shimshon (see Samson).

  • Samson

    From the Hebrew name (Shimshon) which probably meant "sun".

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Names between Salvatore and Samson that Begin with S. Salvatore, Salvatrice, Salvatrix, Salwah, Sam, Samad, Samanta, Samantha, Samar, Samara, Sameer, Sameera, Sami, Samia, Samina, Samir, Samira, Samiya, Sammi, Sammie, Sammy, Samnang, Samo, Samoil, Samorn, Samouel, Sampo, Samppa, Sampson, Samson, Names between Salvatore and Samson that Begin with S

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