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  • Sansone

    Italian form of Samson.

  • Santa

    Feminine form of Santo.

  • Santana

    Santana originates in Spanish language and means "Santa Ana, or Saint Anne".

  • Santeri

    Finnish short form of Alexander.

  • Santiago

    Means " Saint James", derived from Spanish santo "saint" combined with Yago, an old Spanish form of James, the patron saint of Spain.

  • Santino

    Diminutive of Santo.

  • Santo

    Means " saint " in Italian, ultimately from Latin sanctus.

  • Santos

    Means " saints " in Spanish.

  • Santtu

    Finnish diminutive of Alexander.

  • Santuzza

    Diminutive of Santa.

  • Sanya

    Variant transcription of Saniyya.

  • Sanyi

    Diminutive of Sándor.

  • Saoirse

    Means "freedom" in Irish Gaelic.

  • Saoul

    Form of Saul used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Sappheire

    Greek form of Sapphira.

  • Sapphira

    From the Greek name Σαπφειρη (Sappheire) , which was from Greek σαπφειρος (sappheiros) meaning "sapphire" or "lapis lazuli" (ultimately derived from the Hebrew word (sappir)).

  • Sapphire

    From the name of the gemstone, the blue birthstone of September, which is derived from Greek σαπφειρος (sappheiros) , ultimately from the Hebrew word (sappir).

  • Sappho

    Possibly from Greek σαπφειρος (sappheiros) meaning "sapphire" or "lapis lazuli".

  • Saqui

    Means "favourite" in Mapuche.

  • Sara

    Form of Sarah.

  • Sára

    Hungarian, Czech and Slovak form of Sarah.

  • Sarah

    Means "lady" or "princess" in Hebrew.

  • Sarai

    Means "my princess" in Hebrew.

  • Saraid

    Means "excellent" in Irish Gaelic.

  • Saral

    Means "straight" in Sanskrit.

  • Sarala

    Feminine form of Saral.

  • Sarangerel

    Means "moonlight" in Mongolian.

  • Saranna

    Combination of Sarah and Anna, in occasional use since the 18th century.

  • Saraswati

    Means "possessing water" from Sanskrit (saras) "fluid, water, lake" and (vati) "possessing".

  • Sardar

    From a title meaning "chief, leader", derived from Persian sar "head, authority" and dar "possessor".

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Names between Sansone and Sardar that Begin with S. Sansone, Santa, Santana, Santeri, Santiago, Santino, Santo, Santos, Santtu, Santuzza, Sanya, Sanyi, Saoirse, Saoul, Sappheire, Sapphira, Sapphire, Sappho, Saqui, Sara, Sára, Sarah, Sarai, Saraid, Saral, Sarala, Sarangerel, Saranna, Saraswati, Sardar, Names between Sansone and Sardar that Begin with S

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