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  • Sandra

    Short form of Alessandra.

  • Sandrin

    Sandrin is a variant of Sandra.

  • Sandrine

    Elaborated form of Sandra.

  • Sandro

    Short form of Alessandro (Italian) or Aleksandre (Georgian).

  • Sandu

    Short form of Alexandru.

  • Sandy

    Originally a diminutive of Alexander.

  • Sanel

    Masculine form of Sanela.

  • Sanela

    Apparently derived from Latin sana meaning "healthy".

  • Sanem

    Means "idol" in Turkish.

  • Sanford

    From an English surname, originally from a place name, which meant "sand ford" in Old English.

  • Sang

    Means "mutual" from Sino-Korean.

  • Sango

    Means "coral" in Japanese.

  • Sani

    Means "brilliant, splendid" in Arabic.

  • Sanit

    Sanit originates in Thai language and it means "intimate".

  • Saniya

    Saniya most likely originates in Hindi language and means "dazzling, brilliant".

  • Saniyya

    Feminine form of Sani.

  • Sanja

    Derived from Croatian and Serbian sanjati meaning "dream".

  • Sanjana

    Means "uniter, creator" in Sanskrit.

  • Sanjay

    Modern transcription of Sanjaya.

  • Sanjaya

    Means "completely victorious, triumphant" in Sanskrit.

  • Sanjeet

    Variant transcription of Sanjit.

  • Sanjeev

    Variant transcription of Sanjiv.

  • Sanjica

    Diminutive of Sanja.

  • Sanjin

    Masculine form of Sanja.

  • Sanjit

    Means "complete victory, invincible" in Sanskrit.

  • Sanjiv

    Derived from Sanskrit (sanjiva) meaning "living, reviving".

  • Sankar

    Variant transcription of Shankar.

  • Sanna

    Swedish short form of Susanna.

  • Sanne

    Dutch and Danish short form of Susanna.

  • Sans

    Old variant of Sancho.

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Names between Sandra and Sans that Begin with S. Sandra, Sandrin, Sandrine, Sandro, Sandu, Sandy, Sanel, Sanela, Sanem, Sanford, Sang, Sango, Sani, Sanit, Saniya, Saniyya, Sanja, Sanjana, Sanjay, Sanjaya, Sanjeet, Sanjeev, Sanjica, Sanjin, Sanjit, Sanjiv, Sankar, Sanna, Sanne, Sans, Names between Sandra and Sans that Begin with S

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