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  • Peers

    Variant of Piers.

  • Peeter

    Estonian form of Peter.

  • Peg

    Short form of Peggy.

  • Pegasus

    From the Greek Πηγασος (Pegasos) , possibly either from πηγος (pegos) "strong" or πηγαιος (pegaios) "from a water spring".

  • Peggie

    Variant of Peggy.

  • Peggy

    Medieval variant of Meggy, a diminutive of Margaret.

  • Pehr

    Swedish variant of Per.

  • Peigi

    Scottish diminutive of Margaret.

  • Peio

    Basque form of Peter.

  • Pèire

    Occitan form of Peter.

  • Pejo

    Croatian and Serbian diminutive of Petar.

  • Pekka

    Finnish form of Peter.

  • Pekko

    Meaning unknown.

  • Pelageya

    Russian form of Pelagia.

  • Pelagia

    Feminine form of Pelagius.

  • Pelagios

    Greek form of Pelagius.

  • Pelagius

    Latinized form of the Greek name Πελαγιος (Pelagios) , which was derived from πελαγος (pelagos) "the sea".

  • Pelagiya

    Russian form of Pelagia.

  • Pele

    Meaning unknown.

  • Peleg

    Means "division, channel" in Hebrew.

  • Pelle

    Swedish diminutive of Per.

  • Pellegrino

    Italian form of Peregrinus (see Peregrine).

  • Pëllumb

    Means "dove" in Albanian.

  • Pembe

    Means "pink" in Turkish.

  • Pembroke

    Pembroke is an English name, derived from the Welsh name "Pembroke" which means "headland".

  • Pen

    Short form of Penelope.

  • Pene

    Short form of Penelope.

  • Penelope

    Possibly derived from Greek πηνελοψ (penelops) , a type of duck.

  • Pénélope

    French form of Penelope.

  • Peng

    Peng is a Chinese name that means "big".

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Names between Peers and Peng that Begin with P. Peers, Peeter, Peg, Pegasus, Peggie, Peggy, Pehr, Peigi, Peio, Pèire, Pejo, Pekka, Pekko, Pelageya, Pelagia, Pelagios, Pelagius, Pelagiya, Pele, Peleg, Pelle, Pellegrino, Pëllumb, Pembe, Pembroke, Pen, Pene, Penelope, Pénélope, Peng, Names between Peers and Peng that Begin with P

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