Pelle name - Meaning of Pelle

Pelle name - Meaning of Pelle

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Swedish, Greek, Swedish
Pelle Meaning
Swedish diminutive of Per. Pelle is a Swedish diminutive of Peter. Peter originates in Greek language and means "rock". As a masculine given name it has been popular over centuries and in different spellings all over the world. This was the name of several saints, including the one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, as well as the name of numerous members of European royalty. In the United States its usage has declined a lot lately. It functions as a surname as well.

Pelle Related Names
Feminine Form: Petra
Other Languages: Botros, Boutros, Butrus (Arabic), Bedros, Petros (Armenian), Peru, Petri, Peio (Basque), Peter (Biblical), Petros (Biblical Greek), Petrus (Biblical Latin), Per, Perig (Breton), Petar (Bulgarian), Pere (Catalan), Botros, Boutros, Butrus (Coptic), Petru (Corsican), Petar (Croatian), Petr (Czech), Peder, Peter, Peer, Per (Danish), Peter, Petrus, Pier, Pieter, Piet (Dutch), Peter, Peers, Pete (English), Piers (English (British) ), Petro (Esperanto), Peeter (Estonian), Petri, Petteri, Pietari, Pekka (Finnish), Pierre (French), Pitter (Frisian), Petre (Georgian), Peter, Petrus (German), Petros (Greek), Pika (Hawaiian), Péter, Peti (Hungarian), Pétur (Icelandic), Peadar, Piaras (Irish), Pietro, Piero (Italian), Pitter, Pit (Limburgish), Petras (Lithuanian), Petar, Petre (Macedonian), Petera (Maori), Piers (Medieval French), Petruccio (Medieval Italian), Peder, Peter, Petter, Peer, Per (Norwegian), Pèire (Occitan), Piotr (Polish), Pedro, Pedrinho (Portuguese), Petre, Petru, Petrica (Romanian), Pyotr (Russian), Peadar (Scottish), Petar (Serbian), Peter (Slovak), Peter (Slovene), Pedro (Spanish), Petro (Ukrainian), Pedr (Welsh)

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Meaning of Pelle Name

Pelle name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Pelle.

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