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  • Paolina

    Italian feminine form of Paulinus (see Paulino).

  • Paolino

    Italian form of Paulinus (see Paulino).

  • Paolo

    Italian form of Paulus (see Paul).

  • Paora

    Maori form of Paul.

  • Papa

    Means "earth" in Maori.

  • Papak

    Variant of Babak.

  • Paquita

    Diminutive of Francisca.

  • Paquito

    Diminutive of Francisco.

  • Paramonos

    Derived from Greek παραμονη (paramone) meaning "endurance, constancy".

  • Paraskeva

    Macedonian form of Paraskeve.

  • Paraskevas

    Masculine form of Paraskeve.

  • Paraskeve

    Derived from Greek παρασκευη (paraskeue) meaning "preparation".

  • Paraskevi

    Variant transcription of Paraskeve.

  • Parastoo

    Means "swallow (bird) " in Persian.

  • Parastu

    Variant transcription of Parastoo.

  • Pari

    Means "fairy" in Persian.

  • Paride

    Italian form of Paris.

  • Paris

    Meaning unknown.

  • Parisa

    Means "like a fairy" in Persian.

  • Parish

    Parish is a Middle English locational name and means "a person who lives in a parish".

  • Parker

    From an English occupational surname which meant "keeper of the park".

  • Parkinson

    Parkinson is most likely derived from Parker.

  • Parnel

    Contracted form of Petronel.

  • Parnell

    Parnell is ultimately derived from Petronius.

  • Parris

    From an English surname which originally denoted a person who came from the French city of Paris (see Paris ).

  • Parry

    From a Welsh surname which was derived from ap Harry meaning "son of Harry ".

  • Parsifal

    German form of Percival.

  • Parson

    Parson is an English name which means "employed by a parson".

  • Parsons

    The name Parsons is an English name which means "employed by a parson".

  • Parth

    Modern transcription of Partha.

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Names between Paolina and Parth that Begin with P. Paolina, Paolino, Paolo, Paora, Papa, Papak, Paquita, Paquito, Paramonos, Paraskeva, Paraskevas, Paraskeve, Paraskevi, Parastoo, Parastu, Pari, Paride, Paris, Parisa, Parish, Parker, Parkinson, Parnel, Parnell, Parris, Parry, Parsifal, Parson, Parsons, Parth, Names between Paolina and Parth that Begin with P

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