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  • Paithoon

    Paithoon originates in Thai language and it means "cat"s eye".

  • Päivä

    Means "day" in Finnish.

  • Päivi

    Derived from Finnish päivä "day".

  • Paki

    Means "witness" in Xhosa.

  • Pakpao

    Means "kite" in Thai.

  • Pal

    Albanian form of Paul.

  • Pál

    Hungarian form of Paul.

  • Pàl

    Scottish form of Paul.

  • Pål

    Swedish and Norwegian form of Paul.

  • Pála

    Icelandic feminine form of Paul.

  • Pali

    Albanian form of Paul.

  • Páll

    Icelandic form of Paul.

  • Pallab

    Variant of Pallav.

  • Pallas

    Probably derived from a Greek word meaning "maiden".

  • Pallav

    Means "budding leaf, shoot" in Sanskrit.

  • Pallavi

    Feminine form of Pallav.

  • Palle

    Danish diminutive of Paul.

  • Pallu

    Means "distinguished" in Hebrew.

  • Palma

    Palma originates in Spanish language and means "palm tree".

  • Palmer

    From an English surname meaning "pilgrim".

  • Palmira

    Feminine form of Palmiro.

  • Palmiro

    Means "pilgrim" in Italian.

  • Paloma

    Means "dove, pigeon" in Spanish.

  • Pam

    Short form of Pamela.

  • Pamela

    This name was invented in the late 16th century by the poet Sir Philip Sidney for use in his poem 'Arcadia'.

  • Pamelia

    Elaborated form of Pamela.

  • Pamella

    Variant of Pamela.

  • Pamila

    Variant of Pamela.

  • Pamphilos

    Means "friend of all" from Greek παν (pan) "all" and φιλος (philos) "friend".

  • Pan

    Derived from a Greek word meaning "shepherd".

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Names between Paithoon and Pan that Begin with P. Paithoon, Päivä, Päivi, Paki, Pakpao, Pal, Pál, Pàl, Pål, Pála, Pali, Páll, Pallab, Pallas, Pallav, Pallavi, Palle, Pallu, Palma, Palmer, Palmira, Palmiro, Paloma, Pam, Pamela, Pamelia, Pamella, Pamila, Pamphilos, Pan, Names between Paithoon and Pan that Begin with P

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