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  • Panagiota

    Feminine form of Panagiotis.

  • Panagiotakis

    Diminutive of Panagiotis.

  • Panagiotis

    From the Greek title of the Virgin Mary Παναγια (Panagia) meaning "all holy", derived from παν (pan) "all" combined with ‘αγιος (hagios) "holy".

  • Panayiotis

    Variant transcription of Panagiotis.

  • Pancho

    Spanish diminutive of Francisco.

  • Pancras

    Medieval English form of Pancratius.

  • Pancratius

    Latinized form of Greek Πανκρατιος (Pankratios) meaning "all power", derived from παν (pan) "all" and κρατος (kratos) "power".

  • Pancrazio

    Italian form of Pancratius.

  • Pandora

    Means "all gifts", derived from a combination of Greek παν (pan) "all" and δωρον (doron) "gift".

  • Panfilo

    Italian form of Pamphilos.

  • Pánfilo

    Spanish form of Pamphilos.

  • Panit

    Panit originates in Thai language and it means "beloved".

  • Paniz

    Possibly means "sugar" in Persian.

  • Pankaj

    Modern transcription of Pankaja.

  • Pankaja

    Means "born of mud", referring to the lotus flower, derived from Sanskrit (panka) "mud" and (ja) "born".

  • Pankrati

    Variant transcription of Pankratiy.

  • Pankratios

    Original Greek form of Pancratius.

  • Pankratiy

    Russian form of Pancratius.

  • Pankraz

    German form of Pancratius.

  • Panni

    Hungarian diminutive of Anna.

  • Panos

    Diminutive of Panagiotis.

  • Pansy

    From the English word for a type of flower, ultimately deriving from Old French pensee "thought".

  • Pantaleon

    Derived from the Greek elements παντες (pantes) "all" and λεων (leon) "lion".

  • Pantaleone

    Italian form of Pantaleon.

  • Panteleimon

    Means "all compassionate", from Greek παντες (pantes) "all" and ελεημων (eleemon) "compassionate".

  • Panthea

    Panthea originates in Greek language and means "of all gods".

  • Panther

    Means "panther" in Greek.

  • Pantheras

    Derived from Greek πανθηρ (panther) meaning "panther" (which is ultimately derived from the elements παν (pan) "all" and θηραω (therao) "to hunt").

  • Paol

    Breton form of Paul.

  • Paola

    Italian feminine form of Paul.

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Names between Panagiota and Paola that Begin with P. Panagiota, Panagiotakis, Panagiotis, Panayiotis, Pancho, Pancras, Pancratius, Pancrazio, Pandora, Panfilo, Pánfilo, Panit, Paniz, Pankaj, Pankaja, Pankrati, Pankratios, Pankratiy, Pankraz, Panni, Panos, Pansy, Pantaleon, Pantaleone, Panteleimon, Panthea, Panther, Pantheras, Paol, Paola, Names between Panagiota and Paola that Begin with P

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