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  • Paaie

    Manx form of Peggy.

  • Paavali

    Finnish form of Paul used in the Bible.

  • Paavo

    Finnish and Estonian form of Paul.

  • Pablo

    Spanish form of Paulus (see Paul).

  • Paca

    Diminutive of Francisca.

  • Pace

    From an English surname which was derived from the Middle English word pace meaning "peace".

  • Pacey

    From an English surname which was derived from the French place name Pacy, itself derived from Gaulish given name of unknown meaning.

  • Pacífica

    Spanish feminine form of the Late Latin name Pacificus meaning "peacemaker".

  • Pacifico

    Pacifico is a Spanish name and means "peaceful" in the Spanish language.

  • Pacjo

    Esperanto diminutive of Paul.

  • Packer

    Packer is a Medieval English name, derived from the Middle English "pak", which means "package", and the suffix "er", which means "one who does".

  • Paco

    Diminutive of Francisco.

  • Paddy

    Irish diminutive of Patrick.

  • Paden

    An invented name, using the popular aden suffix sound found in such names as Braden, Hayden and Aidan.

  • Paderau

    Means "beads" or "rosary" in Welsh.

  • Padma

    Means "lotus" in Sanskrit.

  • Padmavati

    Means "possessing lotuses", derived from the Sanskrit word (padma) "lotus" combined with (vati) "possessing".

  • Padmini

    Means "full of lotuses" from the Sanskrit word (padma) "lotus" combined with (ini) "having".

  • Pádraic

    Irish form of Patrick.

  • Padraig

    Padraig is a Scottish variant of Patrick.

  • Pádraig

    Irish form of Patrick.

  • Pàdraig

    Scottish form of Patrick.

  • Pádraigín

    Irish form of Patricia.

  • Padrig

    Welsh and Breton form of Patrick.

  • Pæga

    Old English name of unknown meaning.

  • Page

    From a surname which was a variant of Paige.

  • Paget

    From a surname which meant "little page" (see Paige).

  • Paige

    From an English surname meaning "servant, page" in Middle English.

  • Paiman

    Paiman originates in Persian language and means "promise".

  • Paisley

    From a Scottish surname, originally from the name of a town, which may ultimately be derived from Latin basilica "church".

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Names that Begin with P. Paaie, Paavali, Paavo, Pablo, Paca, Pace, Pacey, Pacífica, Pacifico, Pacjo, Packer, Paco, Paddy, Paden, Paderau, Padma, Padmavati, Padmini, Pádraic, Padraig, Pádraig, Pàdraig, Pádraigín, Padrig, Pæga, Page, Paget, Paige, Paiman, Paisley, Names that Begin with P

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