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  • Pavica

    Croatian diminutive of Paula.

  • Pavils

    Latvian form of Paul.

  • Pavla

    Czech and Slovene feminine form of Paul.

  • Pavle

    Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian and Georgian form of Paul.

  • Pavli

    Albanian form of Paul.

  • Pavlina

    Czech, Slovene and Macedonian form of Paulina.

  • Pavlo

    Ukrainian form of Paul.

  • Pavlos

    Greek form of Paul.

  • Pavo

    Croatian short form of Pavao.

  • Pavol

    Slovak form of Paul.

  • Pawel

    Polish form of Paul.

  • Pax

    Means "peace" in Latin.

  • Paxton

    From a surname which was derived from an English place name meaning "Pœcc's town".

  • Payam

    Means "message" in Persian.

  • Payton

    Variant of Peyton.

  • Paz

    Means "peace" in Spanish.

  • Peace

    From the English word peace, ultimately derived from Latin pax.

  • Peadar

    Irish and Scottish form of Peter.

  • Pearce

    Variant of Pierce.

  • Pearl

    From the English word pearl for the concretions formed in the shells of some mollusks, ultimately from Late Latin perla.

  • Pearle

    Variant of Pearl.

  • Pearlie

    Diminutive of Pearl.

  • Pearson

    Pearson is ultimately derived from Peter.

  • Pece

    Macedonian diminutive of Peter.

  • Peck

    Peck is an English name, derived from the Medieval English weight "pekke", which was equal to 8 quarts or 28 lbs.

  • Peder

    Scandinavian form of Peter.

  • Pedr

    Welsh form of Peter.

  • Pedrinho

    Portuguese diminutive of Pedro.

  • Pedro

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Peter.

  • Peer

    Variant of Per.

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Names between Pavica and Peer that Begin with P. Pavica, Pavils, Pavla, Pavle, Pavli, Pavlina, Pavlo, Pavlos, Pavo, Pavol, Pawel, Pax, Paxton, Payam, Payton, Paz, Peace, Peadar, Pearce, Pearl, Pearle, Pearlie, Pearson, Pece, Peck, Peder, Pedr, Pedrinho, Pedro, Peer, Names between Pavica and Peer that Begin with P

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