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  • Peni

    Hawaiian form of Ben.

  • Peninnah

    Means "precious stone" in Hebrew.

  • Penka

    Bulgarian feminine diminutive of Petar.

  • Penko

    Bulgarian diminutive of Petar.

  • Penn

    Penn is an Old English name, derived from the Old English word for a hill, which was "penn".

  • Pennant

    Pennant is an English name and means "head stream".

  • Penny

    Diminutive of Penelope.

  • Pentti

    Finnish form of Benedict.

  • Penuel

    Means "face of God" in Hebrew.

  • Peony

    From the English word for the type of flower.

  • Pepca

    Slovene diminutive of JožEfa.

  • Pepe

    Spanish diminutive of Joseph.

  • Pepijn

    Dutch form of Pépin.

  • Pépin

    Frankish name of unknown meaning.

  • Pepita

    Spanish feminine diminutive of Joseph.

  • Pepito

    Spanish diminutive of Joseph.

  • Peppe

    Diminutive of Giuseppe.

  • Peppi

    Diminutive of Giuseppe.

  • Peppino

    Diminutive of Giuseppe.

  • Per

    Scandinavian and Breton form of Peter.

  • Perce

    Short form of Percy.

  • Perceval

    Variant of Percival.

  • Perchuhi

    Means "elegant lady" in Armenian.

  • Percival

    Created by the 12th-century French poet Chrétien de Troyes for his poem 'Perceval, the Story of the Grail'.

  • Percy

    From an English surname which was derived from the name of a Norman town Perci, which was itself perhaps derived from a Gaulish given name which was Latinized as Persius.

  • Perdita

    Derived from Latin perditus meaning "lost".

  • Pere

    Catalan form of Peter.

  • Peredur

    Possibly means "hard spears" in Welsh.

  • Peregrine

    From the Late Latin name Peregrinus, which meant "traveller".

  • Peregrinus

    Latin form of Peregrine.

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Names between Peni and Peregrinus that Begin with P. Peni, Peninnah, Penka, Penko, Penn, Pennant, Penny, Pentti, Penuel, Peony, Pepca, Pepe, Pepijn, Pépin, Pepita, Pepito, Peppe, Peppi, Peppino, Per, Perce, Perceval, Perchuhi, Percival, Percy, Perdita, Pere, Peredur, Peregrine, Peregrinus, Names between Peni and Peregrinus that Begin with P

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