Palle name - Meaning of Palle

Palle name - Meaning of Palle

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Danish, Latin
Palle Meaning
Danish diminutive of Paul. Palle is a Danish variant of Paul. Paul originates in Latin language and means "tiny, petite". As a masculine given name it has been popular over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world. This was the name of several saints, popes and rulers. More recently, the famous bearers include the English musician Paul McCartney, and the American actor Paul Newman. Paul functions as a surname as well.

Palle Related Names
Other Languages: Pal, Pali, Pavli (Albanian), Paulus (Ancient Roman), Boulos, Bulus (Arabic), Boghos, Poghos (Armenian), Paul (Biblical), Paulos (Biblical Greek), Paulus (Biblical Latin), Paol (Breton), Pavel (Bulgarian), Pau, Pol (Catalan), Paulu (Corsican), Pavao, Pavle (Croatian), Pavel (Czech), Paul, Pauwel (Dutch), Paul, Paulie (English), Paŭlo, Paĉjo (Esperanto), Paavo (Estonian), Paavali, Pauli, Paavo (Finnish), Paul (French), Paulo (Galician), Pavle (Georgian), Paul (German), Pavlos (Greek), Pál (Hungarian), Páll (Icelandic), Pól (Irish), Paolo (Italian), Pāvils (Latvian), Paulius (Lithuanian), Pavle, Pavel (Macedonian), Paora (Maori), Pål, Paul (Norwegian), Pau (Occitan), Paweł (Polish), Paulo, Paulinho (Portuguese), Paul (Romanian), Pavel (Russian), Pàl, Pòl (Scottish), Pavle (Serbian), Pavol (Slovak), Pavel (Slovene), Pablo (Spanish), Pål, Paul (Swedish), Pavlo (Ukrainian)

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Meaning of Palle Name

Palle name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Palle.

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