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  • Nannie

    Diminutive of Anne.

  • Nanny

    Diminutive of Anne.

  • Nanook

    Variant of Nanuq.

  • Nanuk

    Variant of Nanuq.

  • Nanuli

    Diminutive of Nana.

  • Nanuq

    Means "polar bear" in Inuktitut.

  • Naoise

    Meaning unknown, presumably of Gaelic origin.

  • Naoki

    From Japanese (nao) "honest, straight" and (ki) "tree".

  • Naoko

    From Japanese (nao) "honest, straight" and (ko) "child".

  • Naomh

    Means "holy" in Irish Gaelic.

  • Naomhán

    Means "little saint ", derived from Irish naomh "saint" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Naomi

    From the Hebrew name (Na'omiy) meaning "pleasantness".

  • Na'omi

    Hebrew form of Naomi.

  • Naoum

    Form of Nahum used in the Greek Old Testament.

  • Naowarat

    Naowarat originates in Thai language and it means "nine gems".

  • Naoyuki

    Naoyuki is a Japanese name which means "truth and happiness".

  • Naozumi

    Naozumi is a Japanese name which means "pure truth".

  • Naphtali

    Means "wrestling" in Hebrew.

  • Napier

    From an English and Scots surname which meant "linen keeper" in Middle English, from Old French nappe "table cloth".

  • Napoleon

    This was an old Italian name, used most notably by the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), who was born on Corsica.

  • Nara

    Possibly of Celtic origin, meaning "cheerful, happy".

  • Narayan

    Modern transcription of Narayana.

  • Narayana

    Means "path of man" in Sanskrit.

  • Narcís

    Catalan form of Narcissus.

  • Narcisa

    Feminine form of Narcissus.

  • Narciso

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Narcissus.

  • Narcissa

    Feminine form of Narcissus.

  • Narcisse

    French masculine and feminine form of Narcissus.

  • Narcissus

    Latinized form of Greek Ναρκισσος (Narkissos) , possibly derived from ναρκη (narke) meaning "sleep, numbness".

  • Narcyz

    Polish form of Narcissus.

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Names between Nannie and Narcyz that Begin with N. Nannie, Nanny, Nanook, Nanuk, Nanuli, Nanuq, Naoise, Naoki, Naoko, Naomh, Naomhán, Naomi, Na'omi, Naoum, Naowarat, Naoyuki, Naozumi, Naphtali, Napier, Napoleon, Nara, Narayan, Narayana, Narcís, Narcisa, Narciso, Narcissa, Narcisse, Narcissus, Narcyz, Names between Nannie and Narcyz that Begin with N

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