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  • Nell

    Medieval diminutive of Eleanor, Ellen or Helen.

  • Nella

    Short form of Antonella.

  • Nelle

    Variant of Nell.

  • Nellie

    Diminutive of Nell.

  • Nelly

    Diminutive of Nell.

  • Nels

    Variant of Nils.

  • Nelson

    From an English surname meaning "son of Neil ".

  • Nelu

    Romanian diminutive of Ion.

  • Nemanja

    Possibly means "without possessions", derived from Serbo-Croatian nemati "have not".

  • Nemesis

    Means "retribution, righteous anger" in Greek.

  • Nemo

    Means "nobody" in Latin.

  • Nena

    Variant of Nina.

  • Nenad

    Means "unexpected" in Serbian and Croatian.

  • Nenet

    This name possibly refers to the Egyptian goddess of the depth.

  • Neno

    Diminutive of Nenad.

  • Nensi

    Croatian form of Nancy.

  • Neo

    Means "gift" in Tswana.

  • Neofit

    Bulgarian and Macedonian form of Neophytos.

  • Neofytos

    Modern Greek form of Neophytos.

  • Neophytos

    Greek name meaning "newly planted".

  • Neoptolemos

    Greek form of Neoptolemus.

  • Neoptolemus

    From the Greek Νεοπτολεμος (Neoptolemos) which meant "new war", derived from νεος (neos) "new" and πολεμος (polemos) "war".

  • Nephele

    Means "cloudy" in Greek.

  • Nephthys

    Greek form of Egyptian Nebt-Het meaning "lady of the house", derived from Egyptian nbt "lady" and hwt "house".

  • Neptune

    From the Latin Neptunus, which is of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Indo-European root * nebh "wet, damp, clouds".

  • Neptunus

    Latin form of Neptune.

  • Nere

    Means "mine" in Basque.

  • Nerea

    Variant of Nere.

  • Nereida

    Derived from Greek Νηρειδες (Nereides) meaning "nymphs, sea sprites", ultimately derived from the name of the Greek sea god Nereus, who supposedly fathered them.

  • Nereus

    Derived from Greek νηρος (neros) meaning "water".

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Names between Nell and Nereus that Begin with N. Nell, Nella, Nelle, Nellie, Nelly, Nels, Nelson, Nelu, Nemanja, Nemesis, Nemo, Nena, Nenad, Nenet, Neno, Nensi, Neo, Neofit, Neofytos, Neophytos, Neoptolemos, Neoptolemus, Nephele, Nephthys, Neptune, Neptunus, Nere, Nerea, Nereida, Nereus, Names between Nell and Nereus that Begin with N

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