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  • Nairyosangha

    Derived from Avestan nairyo "male" and sangha "word".

  • Naiyana

    Naiyana originates in Thai language and it means "eye".

  • Najden

    Macedonian form of Nayden.

  • Naji

    Means "safe" in Arabic.

  • Najib

    Means "noble" or "intelligent" in Arabic.

  • Najila

    Possibly means "glistening eyes" in Arabic.

  • Najwa

    Means "secret, whisper" in Arabic.

  • Nakato

    Means "second of twins" in Luganda.

  • Nakia

    Possibly means "chaste and faithful" in Arabic.

  • Nakisha

    Some sources mention the name as a combination of the names Natasha and Aisha, with additional "k" in between.

  • Nala

    Means "stem" in Sanskrit.

  • Nalani

    Means "the heavens" in Hawaiian.

  • Naldo

    Short form of names ending in naldo.

  • Nalini

    Means "lotus" in Sanskrit.

  • Namid

    Namid originates in Native American languages and means "dancing star".

  • Nan

    Diminutive of Anne and a short form of Nancy.

  • Nana

    Diminutive of Ioanna.

  • Nanaea

    Latinized form of Nanaya.

  • Nanaia

    Greek form of Nanaya.

  • Nanami

    From Japanese (nana) "seven" and (mi) "sea".

  • Nanaya

    Meaning unknown, possibly related to Inanna.

  • Nancy

    Previously a medieval diminutive of Annis, though since the 18th century it has been a diminutive of Anne.

  • Nanda

    Means "joy" in Sanskrit.

  • Nandag

    Scottish diminutive of Anna.

  • Nandini

    Nandini originates in Sanskrit and refers to enjoyment, pleasure, or delight.

  • Nandita

    Means "happy" in Sanskrit.

  • Nando

    Short form of Fernando.

  • Nándor

    Originally this was a Hungarian word referring to a Bulgarian people that lived along the Danube.

  • Nanette

    Diminutive of Anne.

  • Nanna

    Possibly derived from Old Norse nanþ- meaning "daring, brave".

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Names between Nairyosangha and Nanna that Begin with N. Nairyosangha, Naiyana, Najden, Naji, Najib, Najila, Najwa, Nakato, Nakia, Nakisha, Nala, Nalani, Naldo, Nalini, Namid, Nan, Nana, Nanaea, Nanaia, Nanami, Nanaya, Nancy, Nanda, Nandag, Nandini, Nandita, Nando, Nándor, Nanette, Nanna, Names between Nairyosangha and Nanna that Begin with N

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