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  • Nathaniel

    Variant of Nathanael.

  • Natia

    Diminutive of Natela.

  • Natille

    Variant of Natalie.

  • Natisha

    Variant of Natasha, probably modeled on Latisha.

  • Natsuki

    From Japanese (na) "vegetables, greens" and (tsuki) "moon".

  • Natsuko

    From Japanese (natsu) "summer" and (ko) "child".

  • Natsumi

    From Japanese (natsu) "summer" and (mi) "beautiful".

  • Natsuo

    Natsuo is a Japanese name which means "summer life".

  • Naum

    Russian and Bulgarian form of Nahum.

  • Nausicaa

    Latinized form of Greek Ναυσικαα (Nausikaa) meaning "burner of ships".

  • Nausikaa

    Greek form of Nausicaa.

  • Nautica

    Possibly derived from the Latin word nauticus, which means "ship".

  • Nava

    Means "beautiful" in Hebrew.

  • Naveed

    Variant transcription of Navid.

  • Naveen

    Variant transcription of Navin.

  • Navid

    Means "good news" in Persian.

  • Navin

    Means "new" in Sanskrit.

  • Nawal

    Means "gift" in Arabic.

  • Nawra

    Means "flower, blossom" in Arabic.

  • Nayara

    Spanish form of Naiara.

  • Nayden

    Means "found" in Bulgarian.

  • Nayeli

    Means "I love you" in the Zapotec language.

  • Naz

    Means "coy" in Turkish.

  • Nazaire

    French form of Nazarius (see Nazario).

  • Nazar

    Russian and Ukrainian form of Nazarius (see Nazario).

  • Nazarenus

    Latin form of Nazzareno.

  • Nazario

    Italian and Spanish form of the Late Latin name Nazarius, which meant "from Nazareth".

  • Nazarius

    Latin form of Nazario.

  • Nazariy

    Russian and Ukrainian form of Nazarius (see Nazario).

  • Nazih

    Means "honest, virtuous" in Arabic.

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Names between Nathaniel and Nazih that Begin with N. Nathaniel, Natia, Natille, Natisha, Natsuki, Natsuko, Natsumi, Natsuo, Naum, Nausicaa, Nausikaa, Nautica, Nava, Naveed, Naveen, Navid, Navin, Nawal, Nawra, Nayara, Nayden, Nayeli, Naz, Nazaire, Nazar, Nazarenus, Nazario, Nazarius, Nazariy, Nazih, Names between Nathaniel and Nazih that Begin with N

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