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  • Nazim

    Nazim is an Arabic name which means "one who organizes".

  • Nazli

    Means "delicate, beautiful" in Arabic.

  • Nazzareno

    Italian form of the Late Latin Nazarenus, which meant "from Nazareth, Nazarene".

  • Ndidi

    Means "patience" in Igbo.

  • Nea

    Short form of Linnéa.

  • Neacel

    Scottish form of Nicholas.

  • Neal

    Variant of Neil.

  • Nealon

    Nealon is derived from Neil.

  • Neas

    Old Irish form of Neasa.

  • Neasa

    Meaning uncertain.

  • Neassa

    Variant of Neasa.

  • Nebo

    Form of Nabu used in the Old Testament.

  • Nebojša

    Means "fearless" in Serbian and Croatian.

  • Nebuchadnezzar

    From the Akkadian name Nabu-kudurri-usur meaning " Nabu preserve my firstborn son".

  • Nechama

    An unusual name, which means "consolation, comfort" in Hebrew.

  • Nechemyah

    Hebrew form of Nehemiah.

  • Neculai

    Romanian variant form of Nicholas.

  • Ned

    Diminutive of Edward or Edmund.

  • Neda

    Short form of Nedeljka.

  • Nedelcho

    Masculine form of Nedelya.

  • Nedeljka

    Feminine form of Nedeljko.

  • Nedeljko

    Derived from Croatian nedjelja and Serbian (nedelja) meaning "Sunday".

  • Nedelka

    Macedonian feminine form of Nedeljko.

  • Nedelko

    Macedonian form of Nedeljko.

  • Nedelya

    Means "Sunday" in Bulgarian.

  • Nediljka

    Feminine form of Nedeljko.

  • Nediljko

    Variant of Nedeljko.

  • Nediva

    Unusual name, which probably means "noble, kind-hearted" in Hebrew.

  • Nedjeljka

    Feminine form of Nedeljko.

  • Nedjeljko

    Variant of Nedeljko.

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Names between Nazim and Nedjeljko that Begin with N. Nazim, Nazli, Nazzareno, Ndidi, Nea, Neacel, Neal, Nealon, Neas, Neasa, Neassa, Nebo, Nebojša, Nebuchadnezzar, Nechama, Nechemyah, Neculai, Ned, Neda, Nedelcho, Nedeljka, Nedeljko, Nedelka, Nedelko, Nedelya, Nediljka, Nediljko, Nediva, Nedjeljka, Nedjeljko, Names between Nazim and Nedjeljko that Begin with N

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