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  • Naak

    Naak originates in Thai language and it means "golden".

  • Naamah

    Means "pleasant" in Hebrew.

  • Na'amah

    Biblical Hebrew form of Naamah.

  • Nabil

    Means "noble" in Arabic.

  • Nabila

    Feminine form of the Arabic name Nabil, which means "noble, of noble character".

  • Nabouchodonosor

    Greek form of Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Nabu

    Possibly from a Semitic root meaning "to announce".

  • Nabuchodonosor

    Latin form of Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Nabu-Kudurri-Usur

    Akkadian form of Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Nace

    Variant of Ignac.

  • Nacho

    Diminutive of Ignacio.

  • Nachum

    Hebrew form of Nahum.

  • Nacio

    Short form of Ignacio.

  • Nada

    Diminutive of NadĚžDa.

  • Nadab

    Means "generous" in Hebrew.

  • Nadav

    Hebrew form of Nadab.

  • Nadège

    French form of Nadezhda.

  • Nadejda

    Variant transcription of Nadezhda.

  • Nader

    Variant transcription of Nadir.

  • Nadežda

    Czech form of Nadezhda.

  • Nadezhda

    Means "hope" in Russian, Bulgarian and Macedonian.

  • Nadia

    Variant of Nadya used in the Western world.

  • Nadica

    Diminutive of Nada.

  • Nadim

    Means "drinking companion", derived from Arabic (nadima) "to drink together".

  • Nadine

    French elaborated form of Nadya.

  • Nadir

    Means "rare" in Arabic.

  • Nadira

    Feminine form of Nadir.

  • Nadiye

    Turkish form of Nadiyya.

  • Nadiyya

    Means "moist, tender, delicate" in Arabic.

  • Nadja

    German and Slovene form of Nadya.

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Names that Begin with N. Naak, Naamah, Na'amah, Nabil, Nabila, Nabouchodonosor, Nabu, Nabuchodonosor, Nabu-Kudurri-Usur, Nace, Nacho, Nachum, Nacio, Nada, Nadab, Nadav, Nadège, Nadejda, Nader, Nadežda, Nadezhda, Nadia, Nadica, Nadim, Nadine, Nadir, Nadira, Nadiye, Nadiyya, Nadja, Names that Begin with N

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