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  • Visvaldis

    Latvian name derived from the Baltic elements vis "all" and vald "rule".

  • Vit

    Vit is a Czech variant of Vitus.

  • Vít

    Czech and Slovak form of Vitus or Wido.

  • Vita

    Feminine form of Vitus.

  • Vitale

    Italian form of the Late Latin name Vitalis, which was derived from Latin vitalis "of life, vital".

  • Vitali

    Variant transcription of Vitaliy.

  • Vitalia

    Feminine form of Vitale.

  • Vitalija

    Lithuanian feminine form of Vitalis (see Vitale).

  • Vitalijus

    Lithuanian form of Vitalis (see Vitale).

  • Vitalis

    Latin form of Vitale.

  • Vitaliy

    Russian form of Vitalis (see Vitale).

  • Vitaliya

    Russian feminine form of Vitalis (see Vitale).

  • Vitaly

    Variant transcription of Vitaliy.

  • Vito

    Italian and Spanish form of Vitus.

  • Vitomir

    Derived from the Slavic elements vit "master" and mir "peace".

  • Vitor

    Galician form of Victor.

  • Vítor

    Portuguese variant of Victor.

  • Vitoria

    Vitoria is a Portuguese variant of Victoria.

  • Vitória

    Portuguese form of Victoria.

  • Vittore

    Italian form of Victor.

  • Vittoria

    Italian form of Victoria.

  • Vittorino

    Italian form of Victorinus.

  • Vittorio

    Italian form of Victorius.

  • Vitus

    Roman name which was derived from Latin vita "life".

  • Vitya

    Diminutive of Vitaliy or Viktor.

  • Vivek

    Means "distinction, discrimination" in Sanskrit.

  • Viveka

    Swedish form of Wiebke.

  • Vivi

    Scandinavian diminutive of names beginning with Vi, as well as Olivia and Sofia.

  • Vivian

    From the Latin name Vivianus which was derived from Latin vivus "alive".

  • Viviana

    Feminine form of Vivianus (see Vivian).

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Names between Visvaldis and Viviana that Begin with V. Visvaldis, Vit, Vít, Vita, Vitale, Vitali, Vitalia, Vitalija, Vitalijus, Vitalis, Vitaliy, Vitaliya, Vitaly, Vito, Vitomir, Vitor, Vítor, Vitoria, Vitória, Vittore, Vittoria, Vittorino, Vittorio, Vitus, Vitya, Vivek, Viveka, Vivi, Vivian, Viviana, Names between Visvaldis and Viviana that Begin with V

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