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  • Vova

    Diminutive of Vladimir.

  • Vratislav

    Derived from the Slavic elements vortiti "return" and slav "glory".

  • Vreni

    Diminutive of Verena.

  • Vsevolod

    Means "to rule all" from the Slavic elements vse "all" and volod "rule".

  • Vugar

    Variant transcription of Vüqar.

  • Vuk

    Means "wolf" in Serbian.

  • Vukašin

    Derived from Serbian vuk "wolf".

  • Vulcan

    Possibly related to Latin fulgere "to flash".

  • Vulferam

    Old Germanic form of Wolfram.

  • Vulfgang

    Old Germanic form of Wolfgang.

  • Vuokko

    Means "anemone flower" in Finnish.

  • Vüqar

    Azerbaijani form of Waqar.

  • Vüsal

    Means "meeting, joining" in Azerbaijani.

  • Vüsala

    Feminine form of Vüsal.

  • Vyacheslav

    Russian and Ukrainian form of Václav.

  • Vytautas

    From the Baltic elements vyti- "chase, drive away" or vyd- "see" combined with tauta "people, nation".

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Names between Vova and Vytautas that Begin with V. Vova, Vratislav, Vreni, Vsevolod, Vugar, Vuk, Vukašin, Vulcan, Vulferam, Vulfgang, Vuokko, Vüqar, Vüsal, Vüsala, Vyacheslav, Vytautas, Names between Vova and Vytautas that Begin with V

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