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  • Viktoriya

    Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian form of Victoria.

  • Vilcjo

    Esperanto diminutive of William.

  • Vilem

    Vilem is a Czech variant of William.

  • Vilém

    Czech form of William.

  • Vilen

    Abbreviation of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the name of the founder of the former Soviet state.

  • Vilfred

    Danish form of Wilfred.

  • Vilfredo

    Italian form of Wilfred.

  • Vilhelm

    Scandinavian, Finnish and Hungarian form of William.

  • Vilhelmas

    Lithuanian form of William.

  • Vilhelmi

    Finnish form of William.

  • Vilhelmiina

    Finnish feminine form of William.

  • Vilhelmina

    Swedish, Finnish and Lithuanian feminine form of William.

  • Vilhelmo

    Esperanto form of William.

  • Vilhelms

    Latvian form of William.

  • Vilhjálmur

    Icelandic form of William.

  • Vilho

    Finnish short form of William.

  • Vili

    Diminutive of Vilhelm or Viljem.

  • Viliam

    Slovak form of William.

  • Vilim

    Croatian form of William.

  • Vilis

    Latvian form of William.

  • Viljami

    Finnish form of William.

  • Viljem

    Slovene form of William.

  • Viljo

    Finnish short form of William.

  • Vilko

    Slovene and Croatian diminutive of William.

  • Ville

    Finnish and Swedish diminutive of William.

  • Villem

    Estonian form of William.

  • Vilma

    Form of Wilma.

  • Vilmar

    Scandinavian form of Willamar.

  • Vilmos

    Hungarian form of William.

  • Vilppu

    Finnish variant form of Philip.

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Names between Viktoriya and Vilppu that Begin with V. Viktoriya, Vilcjo, Vilem, Vilém, Vilen, Vilfred, Vilfredo, Vilhelm, Vilhelmas, Vilhelmi, Vilhelmiina, Vilhelmina, Vilhelmo, Vilhelms, Vilhjálmur, Vilho, Vili, Viliam, Vilim, Vilis, Viljami, Viljem, Viljo, Vilko, Ville, Villem, Vilma, Vilmar, Vilmos, Vilppu, Names between Viktoriya and Vilppu that Begin with V

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