Santiago name - Meaning of Santiago

Santiago name - Meaning of Santiago

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Spanish, Portuguese
sahn-TYAH-go (Spanish)
Santiago Meaning
Means " Saint James", derived from Spanish santo "saint" combined with Yago, an old Spanish form of James, the patron saint of Spain. Cities in Chile and Spain bear this name. Santiago is a Spanish name and means "Saint James". It is derived from the Spanish words "santo", which means "saint", and "Yago", which is an obsolete form of the name "James".

Santiago Related Names
Diminutives: Diego (Spanish), Diogo, Tiago (Portuguese), Thiago (Portuguese (Brazilian) )
Other Languages: Xanti (Basque), Dídac (Catalan), Didacus (Medieval Spanish)

Santiago Celebrities
Santiago Casilla - baseball player, Santiago Durango - musician, Santiago Gonzalez - tennis player, Santiago Perez - baseball player, Santiago Segura - actor,

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Meaning of Santiago Name

Santiago name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Santiago.

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