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  • Ramses

    Variant of Rameses.

  • Ramsey

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "wild-garlic island" in Old English.

  • Ramunas

    Derived from Lithuanian ramus meaning "calm".

  • Ran

    Means "orchid" in Japanese.

  • Rana

    Means "an eye-catching object" from Arabic (rana) "to gaze".

  • Ranald

    Scottish form of Reynold.

  • Rand

    Rand is a diminutive of Randolph.

  • Randa

    Means "scented tree" in Arabic.

  • Randal

    Variant of Randall.

  • Randall

    From an English surname which was derived from the medieval given name Randel.

  • Randel

    Medieval diminutive of Randolf and other names beginning with the Germanic element rand meaning "rim (of a shield) ".

  • Randell

    Variant of Randall.

  • Randi

    Diminutive of Miranda.

  • Randolf

    From the Germanic elements rand meaning "rim (of a shield) " and wulf meaning "wolf".

  • Randolph

    Variant of Randolf.

  • Randulf

    Old Germanic form of Randolf.

  • Randúlfr

    Old Norse form of Randolf.

  • Randy

    Diminutive of Randall, Randolf or Miranda.

  • Ranger

    The name Ranger is an occupational name for a ranger.

  • Rangi

    Means "sky" in Maori.

  • Rangvald

    Rangvald is a spelling variant of Rangvaldr.

  • Rangvaldr

    Rangvaldr originates in Old Norse and means "ruler"s advice".

  • Rani

    Means "queen" in Sanskrit.

  • Raniero

    Italian form of Rayner.

  • Raniya

    Means "looking at", derived from Arabic (rana) "to gaze".

  • Ranj

    Short form of Ranjit.

  • Ranjeet

    Variant transcription of Ranjit.

  • Ranjit

    Means "coloured, pleased, delighted" in Sanskrit.

  • Ranka

    Feminine form of Ranko.

  • Ranko

    Derived from the Slavic root (ranu) meaning "early".

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Names between Ramses and Ranko that Begin with R. Ramses, Ramsey, Ramunas, Ran, Rana, Ranald, Rand, Randa, Randal, Randall, Randel, Randell, Randi, Randolf, Randolph, Randulf, Randúlfr, Randy, Ranger, Rangi, Rangvald, Rangvaldr, Rani, Raniero, Raniya, Ranj, Ranjeet, Ranjit, Ranka, Ranko, Names between Ramses and Ranko that Begin with R

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