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  • Ransu

    Finnish form of Franciscus (see Francis).

  • Ranulf

    Scottish form of the Old Norse name Randúlfr, a cognate of Randolf.

  • Ranulph

    Variant of Ranulf.

  • Ranvir

    Ranvir is an Indian name which means "brave".

  • Ranya

    Variant transcription of Raniya.

  • Raoul

    French form of Radulf (see Ralph).

  • Raphael

    From the Hebrew name (Rafa'el) which meant "God has healed".

  • Raphaël

    French form of Raphael.

  • Raphaela

    Feminine form of Raphael.

  • Raphaëlle

    French feminine form of Raphael.

  • Raquel

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Rachel.

  • Rasa

    Means "dew" in Lithuanian.

  • Raschelle

    Variant of Rachelle.

  • Rasha

    Means "young gazelle" in Arabic.

  • Rashaan

    Rashaan is a newly invented name with no particular meaning.

  • Rashad

    Means "good sense, good guidance" in Arabic.

  • Rashaun

    Combination of the prefix Ra with the name Shaun.

  • Rashawn

    Combination of the prefix Ra with the name Shawn.

  • Rashed

    Variant transcription of ( Rashid).

  • Rasheed

    Variant transcription of ( Rashid).

  • Rashid

    Means "rightly guided" in Arabic.

  • Rashida

    Feminine form of Rashid.

  • Rashmi

    Means "ray of sunlight" or "rope" in Sanskrit.

  • Rashn

    Modern Persian form of Avestan Rashnu meaning "justice".

  • Rashnu

    Ancient Avestan form of Rashn.

  • Rasim

    Means "planner, architect" in Arabic.

  • Rasima

    Feminine form of Rasim.

  • Rasmus

    Scandinavian form of Erasmus.

  • Rasputin

    Rasputin is a Russian name, most probably derived from the Old Slavic name "Rasputa", which means "an ill behaved child".

  • Rastus

    Short form of Erastus.

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Names between Ransu and Rastus that Begin with R. Ransu, Ranulf, Ranulph, Ranvir, Ranya, Raoul, Raphael, Raphaël, Raphaela, Raphaëlle, Raquel, Rasa, Raschelle, Rasha, Rashaan, Rashad, Rashaun, Rashawn, Rashed, Rasheed, Rashid, Rashida, Rashmi, Rashn, Rashnu, Rasim, Rasima, Rasmus, Rasputin, Rastus, Names between Ransu and Rastus that Begin with R

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