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  • Raf

    Short form of Rafaël.

  • Rafa

    Spanish short form of Rafael.

  • Rafael

    Form of Raphael.

  • Rafa'el

    Hebrew form of Raphael.

  • Rafaël

    Dutch form of Raphael.

  • Rafaela

    Spanish, Portuguese and Macedonian feminine form of Raphael.

  • Rafal

    Polish form of Raphael.

  • Rafe

    Variant of Ralph.

  • Raffael

    German variant of Raphael.

  • Raffaela

    German feminine form of Raphael.

  • Raffaele

    Italian form of Raphael.

  • Raffaella

    Italian feminine form of Raphael.

  • Raffaello

    Italian form of Raphael.

  • Rafinha

    Portuguese diminutive of Rafael.

  • Rafiq

    Means either "friend" or "gentle" in Arabic.

  • Rafiqa

    Feminine form of Rafiq.

  • Raganhar

    Old Germanic form of Rayner.

  • Raganhildis

    Old Germanic form of Reinhild.

  • Raghnaid

    Scottish form of Ragnhild.

  • Raghnailt

    Irish form of Ragnhild.

  • Raghnall

    Gaelic form of Ragnvald.

  • Raghu

    Means "swift" in Sanskrit.

  • Raginald

    Old Germanic form of Reynold.

  • Raginhard

    Old Germanic form of Reynard.

  • Raginmund

    Old Germanic form of Raymond.

  • Ragna

    Short form of Old Norse names beginning with the element regin "advice, counsel".

  • Ragnar

    Scandinavian cognate of Rayner.

  • Ragnarr

    Old Norse cognate of Raganhar.

  • Ragnbjörg

    Old Norse name derived from the elements regin "advice, counsel" and björg "protection, help".

  • Ragnfríðr

    Old Norse name which meant "beautiful advice" from regin "advice, counsel" and fríðr "beautiful".

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Names between Raf and Ragnfríðr that Begin with R. Raf, Rafa, Rafael, Rafa'el, Rafaël, Rafaela, Rafal, Rafe, Raffael, Raffaela, Raffaele, Raffaella, Raffaello, Rafinha, Rafiq, Rafiqa, Raganhar, Raganhildis, Raghnaid, Raghnailt, Raghnall, Raghu, Raginald, Raginhard, Raginmund, Ragna, Ragnar, Ragnarr, Ragnbjörg, Ragnfríðr, Names between Raf and Ragnfríðr that Begin with R

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