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  • Rain

    Simply from the English word rain, derived from Old English regn.

  • Raina

    Variant transcription of Rayna.

  • Rainard

    Variant of Reynard.

  • Rainbow

    From the English word for the arc of multicoloured light that can appear in a misty sky.

  • Raine

    Possibly based on the French word reine meaning "queen".

  • Rainer

    German form of Rayner.

  • Rainerio

    Spanish form of Rayner.

  • Rainger

    Rainger is a variant of Ranger.

  • Rainier

    French form of Rayner.

  • Rais

    Means "leader, chief" in Arabic.

  • Raisa

    Possibly from Greek ‘ραιον (rhaion) meaning "more relaxed".

  • Raisel

    Diminutive of Raisa.

  • Raj

    Means "king" or "prince" in Sanskrit.

  • Raja

    Means "hope" in Arabic.

  • Rajab

    Means "respect" in Arabic.

  • Rajani

    Means "the dark one" in Sanskrit.

  • Rajender

    Variant of Rajendra.

  • Rajendra

    Means "lord of kings", derived from Sanskrit (raja) "king" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra, used here to mean "lord".

  • Rajesh

    Means "ruler of kings" from Sanskrit (riaja) "king" and (isha) "lord, ruler".

  • Rajinder

    Punjabi form of Rajendra.

  • Rajiv

    Means "striped" in Sanskrit.

  • Rajiya

    Means "hopeful" in Arabic.

  • Rajko

    Derived from Croatian raj meaning "paradise".

  • Rajkumari

    Means "princess" in Sanskrit.

  • Rajmund

    Polish and Slovene form of Raymond.

  • Rajneesh

    Variant transcription of Rajnish.

  • Rajni

    Means "queen" in Sanskrit.

  • Rajnish

    Means "lord of the night" from Sanskrit (rajani) "night" and (isha) "lord, ruler".

  • Rajya

    Variant transcription of Rajiya.

  • Rakel

    Scandinavian form of Rachel.

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Names between Rain and Rakel that Begin with R. Rain, Raina, Rainard, Rainbow, Raine, Rainer, Rainerio, Rainger, Rainier, Rais, Raisa, Raisel, Raj, Raja, Rajab, Rajani, Rajender, Rajendra, Rajesh, Rajinder, Rajiv, Rajiya, Rajko, Rajkumari, Rajmund, Rajneesh, Rajni, Rajnish, Rajya, Rakel, Names between Rain and Rakel that Begin with R

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