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  • Rasul

    Means "prophet, messenger" in Arabic.

  • Ratan

    Variant (derived via Prakrit) of Ratna.

  • Ratcliffe

    Ratcliffe is a variant of Radcliff.

  • Rathbone

    Rathbone is an English name and it means "reedy brook".

  • Rathburn

    Rathburn is a variant of Rathbone.

  • Rathnait

    Means "little graceful one", derived from Irish rath "grace" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Rati

    Means "rest, pleasure" in Sanskrit.

  • Ratimir

    Derived from the Slavic elements rat meaning "war, battle" and mir meaning "peace" or "world".

  • Ratko

    Derived from the Slavic element rat meaning "war, battle".

  • Ratna

    Derived from Sanskrit (ratna) meaning "jewel".

  • Ratnam

    Southern Indian form of Ratna.

  • Ratree

    From the name of a variety of jasmine flower, the night jasmine, ultimately from a poetic word meaning "night".

  • Ratu

    Means "queen" in Indonesian and Javanese.

  • Rauf

    Means "compassionate" in Arabic.

  • Rauha

    Means "peace" in Finnish.

  • Raul

    Italian and Portuguese form of Radulf (see Ralph).

  • Raúl

    Spanish form of Radulf.

  • Rava

    Means "ravishing" in Esperanto.

  • Raven

    From the name of the bird, ultimately from Old English hræfn.

  • Ravenna

    Either an elaboration of Raven, or else from the name of the city of Ravenna in Italy.

  • Ravi

    Means "sun" in Sanskrit.

  • Ravid

    Means "ornament, necklace" in Hebrew.

  • Ravinder

    Punjabi form of Ravindra.

  • Ravindra

    Means "lord of the sun" from Sanskrit (ravi) "sun" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra, used here to mean "lord".

  • Ravit

    Ravit originates in Hebrew language and means "you quenched your thirst".

  • Rawiya

    Means "storyteller", derived from Arabic (rawa) "to relate".

  • Rawya

    Variant transcription of Rawiya.

  • Ray

    Short form of Raymond, often used as an independent name.

  • Raya

    Diminutive of Rayna.

  • Rayburn

    Rayburn is an English name and means "deer brook".

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Names between Rasul and Rayburn that Begin with R. Rasul, Ratan, Ratcliffe, Rathbone, Rathburn, Rathnait, Rati, Ratimir, Ratko, Ratna, Ratnam, Ratree, Ratu, Rauf, Rauha, Raul, Raúl, Rava, Raven, Ravenna, Ravi, Ravid, Ravinder, Ravindra, Ravit, Rawiya, Rawya, Ray, Raya, Rayburn, Names between Rasul and Rayburn that Begin with R

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