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  • Ra

    Possibly means "sun" in Egyptian.

  • Raakel

    Finnish form of Rachel.

  • Raanan

    Means "fresh, invigorating" in Hebrew.

  • Rab

    Scottish short form of Robert.

  • Rabab

    From the Arabic word rababah, a musical instrument.

  • Raban

    From a Germanic byname derived from hraban meaning "raven".

  • Rabbie

    Scottish diminutive of Robert.

  • Rabi

    Means "springtime" in Arabic.

  • Rabi'a

    Feminine form of Rabi.

  • Rabindra

    Bengali form of Ravindra.

  • Rachael

    Variant of Rachel, the spelling probably influenced by that of Michael.

  • Rachana

    Means "creation" in Sanskrit.

  • Racheal

    Variant of Rachel.

  • Rachel

    From the Hebrew name (Rachel) meaning "ewe".

  • Rachele

    Italian form of Rachel.

  • Rachelle

    Variant of Rachel influenced by the spelling of Rochelle.

  • Rachna

    Variant of Rachana.

  • Rachyl

    Variant of Rachel.

  • Raclaw

    Short form of RadoslAw.

  • Racquel

    Variant of Raquel.

  • Ra'd

    Means "thunder" in Arabic.

  • Rada

    Derived from the Slavic element rad meaning "care".

  • Radana

    Derived from the Slavic element rad meaning "care".

  • Radboud

    Derived from the Germanic elements rad "counsel" and either bodo "leader" or bald "bold".

  • Radburn

    Radburn is an English name, derived from the Old English words "burne", which means "stream", and "rad", which means "red".

  • Radcliff

    From a surname which was derived from a place name meaning "red cliff" in Old English.

  • Radclyffe

    From a surname, a variant of Radcliff.

  • Rade

    Originally a diminutive of Milorad and other Slavic names containing the element rad "care".

  • Radek

    Diminutive of Slavic names beginning with rad "care".

  • Radford

    Radford is an English name, derived from the Old English words "ford", which means "ford", and "rad", which means "red".

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Names that Begin with R. Ra, Raakel, Raanan, Rab, Rabab, Raban, Rabbie, Rabi, Rabi'a, Rabindra, Rachael, Rachana, Racheal, Rachel, Rachele, Rachelle, Rachna, Rachyl, Raclaw, Racquel, Ra'd, Rada, Radana, Radboud, Radburn, Radcliff, Radclyffe, Rade, Radek, Radford, Names that Begin with R

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