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  • Risteárd

    Irish form of Richard.

  • Risto

    Finnish and Macedonian short form of Christopher.

  • Rita

    Short form of Margherita or other names ending in rita.

  • Ritchie

    Variant of Richie.

  • Ritika

    Means either "movement, stream" or "brass" in Sanskrit.

  • Ritter

    Ritter is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old English word "ridere", which means "mounted warrior".

  • Ritva

    Means "birch branch" in Finnish.

  • Riva

    Diminutive of Rivka.

  • River

    From the English word that denotes a flowing body of water.

  • Rivka

    Hebrew form of Rebecca.

  • Rivqah

    Ancient Hebrew form of Rebecca.

  • Riya

    Means "singer" in Sanskrit.

  • Riyad

    Riyad is an Arabic name and means "gardens".

  • Riza

    Turkish form of Ridha.

  • Rizvan

    Turkish form of Rizwan.

  • Rizwan

    Variant transcription of Ridwan.

  • Rizwana

    Variant transcription of Ridwana.

  • Roald

    Modern form of the Old Norse name Hróðvaldr or Hróaldr, composed of the elements hróðr "fame" and valdr "ruler".

  • Roan

    Variant of Ronne.

  • Roar

    Newer Scandinavian form of Hróarr.

  • Roarke

    Roarke originates in Gaelic languages and means "famous champion".

  • Rob

    Short form of Robert.

  • Robbe

    Diminutive of Robrecht.

  • Robbie

    Diminutive of Robert or Roberta.

  • Robby

    Diminutive of Robert.

  • Robena

    Feminine variant of Robin.

  • Robert

    From the Germanic name Hrodebert meaning "bright fame", derived from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and beraht "bright".

  • Róbert

    Hungarian and Icelandic form of Robert.

  • Roberta

    Feminine form of Robert.

  • Robertas

    Lithuanian form of Robert.

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Names between Risteárd and Robertas that Begin with R. Risteárd, Risto, Rita, Ritchie, Ritika, Ritter, Ritva, Riva, River, Rivka, Rivqah, Riya, Riyad, Riza, Rizvan, Rizwan, Rizwana, Roald, Roan, Roar, Roarke, Rob, Robbe, Robbie, Robby, Robena, Robert, Róbert, Roberta, Robertas, Names between Risteárd and Robertas that Begin with R

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