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  • Renat

    Russian form of Renatus.

  • Renata

    Feminine form of Renatus.

  • Renáta

    Hungarian, Czech and Slovak feminine form of Renatus.

  • Renate

    German, Dutch and Norwegian feminine form of Renatus.

  • Renato

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Renatus.

  • Renatus

    Late Latin name meaning "born again".

  • Renaud

    French form of Reynold.

  • Rene

    Rene is derived from Renatus.

  • René

    French form of Renatus.

  • Renee

    English form of Renée.

  • Renée

    French feminine form of René.

  • Reneer

    Limburgish form of Rayner.

  • Renie

    Possibly a diminutive of Renee.

  • Renita

    Probably a feminine form of Renatus.

  • Rens

    Short form of Laurens or Emerens.

  • Renton

    Renton is derived from the Old English words "regen", which means "govern", and "tun", which means "settlement or town".

  • Renzo

    Short form of Lorenzo.

  • Reshmi

    Means "silk" in Hindi.

  • Ressie

    Ressie is a variant of the name Theresa.

  • Retha

    Short form of Margaretha.

  • Reto

    Means "of Rhaetia".

  • Reuben

    Means "behold, a son" in Hebrew.

  • Reuel

    Means "friend of God" in Hebrew.

  • Reut

    Means "friend" in Hebrew, making it a variant of the Biblical name Ruth.

  • Reuven

    Hebrew form of Reuben.

  • Reva

    Means "one that moves" in Sanskrit.

  • Revaz

    Possibly of Persian origin meaning "wealthy, successful".

  • Revazi

    Variant of Revaz.

  • Rex

    From Latin rex "king".

  • Rexana

    Variant of Rexanne.

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Names between Renat and Rexana that Begin with R. Renat, Renata, Renáta, Renate, Renato, Renatus, Renaud, Rene, René, Renee, Renée, Reneer, Renie, Renita, Rens, Renton, Renzo, Reshmi, Ressie, Retha, Reto, Reuben, Reuel, Reut, Reuven, Reva, Revaz, Revazi, Rex, Rexana, Names between Renat and Rexana that Begin with R

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