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  • Regan

    Meaning unknown, probably of Celtic origin.

  • Regana

    Elaboration of Regan, influenced by Regina.

  • Regena

    Variant of Regina.

  • Reggie

    Diminutive of Reginald.

  • Regin

    Old Germanic form of Rein.

  • Regina

    Late Latin name meaning "queen".

  • Reginald

    From Reginaldus, a Latinized form of Reynold.

  • Regine

    German and Norwegian form of Regina.

  • Régine

    French form of Regina.

  • Regis

    Regis is a French name, derived from the Latin phrase "Rex regis" which means "king".

  • Régis

    From a surname meaning "ruler" in Occitan.

  • Regula

    Feminine form of Regulus.

  • Régulo

    Spanish and Portuguese form of Regulus.

  • Regulus

    Roman cognomen which meant "rule" in Latin.

  • Rehoboam

    From the Hebrew name (Rechav'am) meaning "he enlarges the people".

  • Rehor

    Czech form of Gregory.

  • Rei

    From Japanese "bell", "lovely" or "the tinkling of jade".

  • Reichard

    Reichard is a German variant of Richard.

  • Reid

    From a surname which is a Scots variant of Reed.

  • Reiji

    Reiji is a Japanese name which means "courteous child".

  • Reijo

    Finnish form of Gregory.

  • Reilly

    From an Irish surname which is derived from the given name Raghailleach, meaning unknown.

  • Reima

    Finnish form of Raymond.

  • Reimund

    German form of Raymond.

  • Rein

    Originally a short form of Germanic names beginning with the element ragin "advice, counsel".

  • Reina

    Means "queen" in Spanish.

  • Reinald

    Old Germanic form of Reynold.

  • Reinaldo

    Portuguese and Spanish form of Reynold.

  • Reine

    Means "queen" in French.

  • Reiner

    German form of Rayner.

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Names between Regan and Reiner that Begin with R. Regan, Regana, Regena, Reggie, Regin, Regina, Reginald, Regine, Régine, Regis, Régis, Regula, Régulo, Regulus, Rehoboam, Rehor, Rei, Reichard, Reid, Reiji, Reijo, Reilly, Reima, Reimund, Rein, Reina, Reinald, Reinaldo, Reine, Reiner, Names between Regan and Reiner that Begin with R

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