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  • Robertina

    Feminine diminutive of Roberto.

  • Roberto

    Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Robert.

  • Roberts

    Latvian form of Robert.

  • Robi

    Diminutive of Róbert.

  • Robin

    Medieval diminutive of Robert.

  • Robina

    Feminine form of Robin.

  • Robinson

    Robinson is a variant of Robin, itself derived from Robert.

  • Robrecht

    Dutch form of Robert.

  • Robyn

    Feminine variant of Robin.

  • Robynne

    Feminine variant of Robin.

  • Roc

    Catalan form of Rocco.

  • Rocco

    Germanic name derived from the element hrok meaning "rest".

  • Roch

    French and Polish form of Rocco.

  • Rochelle

    From the name of the French city La Rochelle, meaning "little rock".

  • Rochester

    Rochester is an Anglo-Saxon locational name, derived from the Old English word "hrofaecasetre", itself derived from the words "hrof", which means "roof", and "caester", which means "Roman fort".

  • Rochus

    Latinized form of Rocco, used in German and Dutch.

  • Rocio

    Rocio originates in Spanish language and means "drops of dew".

  • Rocío

    Means "dew" in Spanish.

  • Rock

    Rock is an Medieval English name, derived from the Old English word "rocc", which mean "rock".

  • Rockford

    Rockford originates in French language and means "strong rock".

  • Rockleigh

    Rockleigh is an English name that means "Rook"s wood".

  • Rockley

    Rockley is an anglicized version of the Old English name Rockleigh.

  • Rockwell

    Rockwell is an English name, derived from the Old English words "hroc", which means a "rook or a crow", and "waell", which means "a well or a spring".

  • Rocky

    Diminutive of Rocco or other names beginning with a similar sound, or else a nickname referring to a tough person.

  • Rod

    Short form of Roderick or Rodney.

  • Rodan

    Rodan is an Ancient Celtic name that means "fertile".

  • Roddy

    Diminutive of Roderick or Rodney.

  • Roderic

    Catalan form of Roderick.

  • Roderick

    Means "famous power" from the Germanic elements hrod "fame" and ric "power".

  • Rodge

    Short form of Rodger.

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Names between Robertina and Rodge that Begin with R. Robertina, Roberto, Roberts, Robi, Robin, Robina, Robinson, Robrecht, Robyn, Robynne, Roc, Rocco, Roch, Rochelle, Rochester, Rochus, Rocio, Rocío, Rock, Rockford, Rockleigh, Rockley, Rockwell, Rocky, Rod, Rodan, Roddy, Roderic, Roderick, Rodge, Names between Robertina and Rodge that Begin with R

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