Naamah name - Meaning of Naamah

Naamah name - Meaning of Naamah

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Biblical, Hebrew
NAY-ə-mə (English) , nah-ah-MAH (Jewish)
Naamah Meaning
Means "pleasant" in Hebrew. This name is borne in the Old Testament by both a daughter of Lamech and a wife of Solomon. Some later Jewish texts give Naamah as the name of Noah 's wife, even though she is not named in the Old Testament. This name occurs on various occasions in the Old Testament. Naamah was the daughter of Lamech, as well as Noah"s second wife, and also the wife of Solomon. Nowadays, the name itself is very popular in Israel. It originates in Hebrew language and means "agreeable, lovely".

Naamah Related Names
Variant:, Naama
Other Languages: Na'amah (Biblical Hebrew)

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Meaning of Naamah Name

Naamah name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Naamah.

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