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  • Maël

    French form of Breton Mael, which was derived from a Celtic word meaning "chief" or "prince".

  • Máel Coluim

    Gaelic form of Malcolm.

  • Máel Máedóc

    Old Irish form (possibly) of Marmaduke.

  • Máel Sechlainn

    Older Irish form of Maeleachlainn.

  • Máel Sechnaill

    Older Irish form of Maeleachlainn.

  • Maela

    Breton form of Maëlle.

  • Maeleachlainn

    From Irish Máel Sechlainn, a variant of Máel Sechnaill meaning "disciple of Saint Seachnall ".

  • Maeleth

    Form of Mahalath used in the Greek and Latin Old Testament.

  • Maëlle

    French feminine form of Maël.

  • Maëlys

    Feminine form of Maël, possibly influenced by the spelling of Mailys.

  • Maeva

    Means "welcome" in Tahitian.

  • Maeve

    Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Medb meaning "intoxicating".

  • Mafalda

    Italian and Portuguese form of Matilda.

  • Magali

    Occitan form of Magdalene.

  • Magalie

    Variant of Magali.

  • Magda

    Short form of Magdalena.

  • Magdalen

    Variant of Magdalene.

  • Magdalena

    Latinate form of Magdalene.

  • Magdaléna

    Czech, Slovak and Hungarian form of Magdalene.

  • Magdalene

    From a title which meant "of Magdala".

  • Magdalina

    Old Slavic form of Magdalene, as well as a Bulgarian variant form.

  • Magdalone

    Danish form of Magdalene.

  • Magdolna

    Hungarian form of Magdalene.

  • Maggie

    Diminutive of Margaret.

  • Magnhild

    Derived from Old Norse magn "mighty, strong" and hildr "battle".

  • Magnhildr

    Old Norse form of Magnhild.

  • Magnolia

    From the English word magnolia for the flower, which was named for the French botanist Pierre Magnol.

  • Magnus

    Late Latin name meaning "great".

  • Magomed

    Dagestani, Chechen and Ingush form of Muhammad.

  • Magomet

    Dagestani, Chechen and Ingush form of Muhammad.

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Names between Maël and Magomet that Begin with M. Maël, Máel Coluim, Máel Máedóc, Máel Sechlainn, Máel Sechnaill, Maela, Maeleachlainn, Maeleth, Maëlle, Maëlys, Maeva, Maeve, Mafalda, Magali, Magalie, Magda, Magdalen, Magdalena, Magdaléna, Magdalene, Magdalina, Magdalone, Magdolna, Maggie, Magnhild, Magnhildr, Magnolia, Magnus, Magomed, Magomet, Names between Maël and Magomet that Begin with M

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