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  • Mahon

    Anglicized form of Mathghamhain.

  • Mahsa

    Means "like the moon" in Persian.

  • Mahtab

    Means "moonlight" in Persian.

  • Mahthildis

    Old Germanic form of Matilda.

  • Mahulena

    Possibly inspired by Magdalena.

  • Mahvash

    Possibly means "moon-like" in Persian.

  • Mahzun

    Means "sad" in Turkish.

  • Mai

    Means "apricot blossom" in Vietnamese.

  • Maia

    Meaning unknown.

  • Maialen

    Basque form of Magdalene.

  • Maiara

    Means "wise" in Tupí.

  • Maighread

    Scottish form of Margaret.

  • Maija

    Finnish variant of Maria.

  • Maike

    Frisian diminutive of Maria.

  • Maikel

    Dutch variant form of Michael.

  • Maiken

    Danish and Norwegian diminutive of Maria.

  • Maile

    From the name of a type of vine that grows in Hawaii and is used in making leis.

  • Mailys

    Variant of Maylis.

  • Maimu

    Means "little" in Estonian.

  • Mainchín

    Means "little monk", derived from Irish manach "monk" combined with a diminutive suffix.

  • Mainio

    Means "excellent" in Finnish.

  • Mair

    Welsh form of Mary.

  • Maire

    Derived from Finnish mairea "gushing, sugary".

  • Máire

    Irish form of Mary.

  • Mairead

    Scottish form of Margaret.

  • Mairéad

    Irish form of Margaret.

  • Mairenn

    Variant of Máirín.

  • Mairi

    Mairi is a Scottish variant of Mary.

  • Màiri

    Scottish form of Mary.

  • Máirín

    Irish diminutive of Mary.

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Names between Mahon and Máirín that Begin with M. Mahon, Mahsa, Mahtab, Mahthildis, Mahulena, Mahvash, Mahzun, Mai, Maia, Maialen, Maiara, Maighread, Maija, Maike, Maikel, Maiken, Maile, Mailys, Maimu, Mainchín, Mainio, Mair, Maire, Máire, Mairead, Mairéad, Mairenn, Mairi, Màiri, Máirín, Names between Mahon and Máirín that Begin with M

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