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  • Machalat

    Hebrew form of Mahalath.

  • Machlah

    Hebrew form of Mahlah.

  • Machli

    Hebrew form of Mahli.

  • Machteld

    Dutch form of Matilda.

  • Maci

    Variant of Macy.

  • Macie

    Variant of Macy.

  • Maciej

    Polish form of Matthias.

  • Mack

    From a surname which was originally a shortened form of various Gaelic surnames beginning with Mac or Mc (from Gaelic mac meaning "son").

  • Mackenna

    Mackenna is a variant of Mckenna.

  • Mackenzie

    From the Gaelic surname Mac Coinnich, which means "son of Coinneach ".

  • Mackinley

    Mackinley originates in Gaelic languages and means "son of the learned king".

  • Mackinney

    Mackinney originates in Gaelic languages and means "God has heard me".

  • Macsen

    Welsh form of Maximus.

  • Macy

    From an English surname which was from various towns named Massy in France.

  • Madai

    Means "Medes" in Hebrew.

  • Madailéin

    Irish form of Magdalene.

  • Madalena

    Portuguese form of Magdalena.

  • Madalina

    Romanian form of Magdalene.

  • Madalyn

    Variant of Madeline.

  • Madara

    From the Latvian name for a type of flowering plant, known as cleavers or bedstraw in English.

  • Mädchen

    Means "girl" in German.

  • Maddalena

    Italian form of Magdalene.

  • Madden

    Madden is an English name, derived from the Gaelic languages, and means "small dog".

  • Maddie

    Diminutive of Madeline or Madison.

  • Maddison

    Variant of Madison.

  • Maddock

    Maddock originates in Welsh language and means "lucky one".

  • Maddox

    From a Welsh surname meaning "son of Madoc ".

  • Maddy

    Diminutive of Madeline or Madison.

  • Madelaine

    Variant of Madeline.

  • Madeleine

    French form of Magdalene.

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Names between Machalat and Madeleine that Begin with M. Machalat, Machlah, Machli, Machteld, Maci, Macie, Maciej, Mack, Mackenna, Mackenzie, Mackinley, Mackinney, Macsen, Macy, Madai, Madailéin, Madalena, Madalina, Madalyn, Madara, Mädchen, Maddalena, Madden, Maddie, Maddison, Maddock, Maddox, Maddy, Madelaine, Madeleine, Names between Machalat and Madeleine that Begin with M

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