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  • Maguire

    Maguire is an Irish name and means "son of the beige one".

  • Maha

    Means "oryx" in Arabic.

  • Mahala

    Variant of Mahalah or Mahalath.

  • Mahalah

    Variant of Mahlah used in the King James Version of the Old Testament.

  • Mahalath

    From the Hebrew name (Machalat) meaning "lyre".

  • Mahali

    Variant of Mahli.

  • Mahalia

    Variant of Mahala.

  • Mahammad

    Azerbaijani form of Muhammad.

  • Mahatma

    From the Indian title (Mahatma) meaning "great soul", derived from Sanskrit (maha) "great" and (atman) "soul, spirit, life".

  • Mahaut

    Medieval French form of Mathilde.

  • Mahavir

    Modern transcription of Mahavira.

  • Mahavira

    Means "great hero" from Sanskrit (maha) "great" and (vira) "hero".

  • Mahdi

    Means "guided one" in Arabic.

  • Mahealani

    Mahealani originates in Hawaiian language and means "divine mist".

  • Mahendra

    Means "great Indra" from Sanskrit (maha) "great" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra.

  • Mahesh

    Modern transcription of Mahesha.

  • Mahesha

    Means "great lord" from Sanskrit (maha) "great" and (isha) "lord, ruler".

  • Mahfuz

    Means "safeguarded" in Arabic.

  • Mahin

    Means "related to the moon" in Persian.

  • Mahinder

    Punjabi form of Mahendra.

  • Mahine

    Variant transcription of Mahin.

  • Mahir

    Means "skilled" in Arabic.

  • Mahlah

    From the Hebrew name (Machlah) , possibly meaning "weak" or "sick".

  • Mahli

    From the Hebrew name (Machliy) , possibly meaning "weak" or "sick".

  • Mahmood

    Variant transcription of Mahmud.

  • Mahmoud

    Variant transcription of Mahmud.

  • Mahmud

    Means "praiseworthy" in Arabic, from the same root as Muhammad.

  • Mahmut

    Turkish form of Mahmud.

  • Mahomet

    Archaic transcription of Muhammad, based on the usual Latin spelling Mahometus.

  • Mahometus

    Latinized form of Muhammad.

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Names between Maguire and Mahometus that Begin with M. Maguire, Maha, Mahala, Mahalah, Mahalath, Mahali, Mahalia, Mahammad, Mahatma, Mahaut, Mahavir, Mahavira, Mahdi, Mahealani, Mahendra, Mahesh, Mahesha, Mahfuz, Mahin, Mahinder, Mahine, Mahir, Mahlah, Mahli, Mahmood, Mahmoud, Mahmud, Mahmut, Mahomet, Mahometus, Names between Maguire and Mahometus that Begin with M

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