Maeve name - Meaning of Maeve

Maeve name - Meaning of Maeve

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Irish, Irish Mythology, Gaelic
Maeve Meaning
Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Medb meaning "intoxicating". In Irish legend this was the name of a warrior queen of Connacht. Her fight against Ulster and the hero Cúchulainn is told in the Irish epic 'The Cattle Raid of Cooley'. Maeve originates in Gaelic languages and means "intoxicating woman". In Irish mythology, Maeve was the Queen of Connacht and the heroine of Tain Bo Cuailnge, the story of "the driving-off of cows of Cooley". As a feminine given name Maeve has gained quite some popularity in the United States lately.

Maeve Related Names
Variants: Méabh, Meadhbh, Mave, Meave (Irish), Méabh, Meadhbh, Medb (Irish Mythology), Maive, Mayve, Meabh, Meibh

Maeve Celebrities
Maeve Binchy - writer, Maeve Kelly - writer,

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Meaning of Maeve Name

Maeve name meaning. The meaning, origin, popularity and detailed name information of Maeve.

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