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  • Makram

    Means "generous" or "noble" in Arabic.

  • Maks

    Short form of Maksim.

  • Maksim

    Russian, Belarusian and Macedonian form of Maximus, as well as a variant transliteration of Ukrainian Maksym.

  • Maksimilian

    Russian form of Maximilian.

  • Maksym

    Ukrainian and Polish form of Maximus.

  • Maksymilian

    Polish form of Maximilian.

  • Mala

    Means "necklace" in Sanskrit.

  • Malach

    Malach is a Hebrew name which means "angel or messenger".

  • Malachai

    Malachai is a variant of Malach.

  • Malachi

    From the Hebrew name (Mal'akhiy) meaning "my messenger" or "my angel".

  • Malachy

    Anglicized form of Maeleachlainn influenced by the spelling of Malachi.

  • Malai

    Means "garland of flowers" in Thai.

  • Malaika

    Means "angels" from the plural of Arabic (malak).

  • Malak

    Means "angel" in Arabic.

  • Malakai

    Variant of Malachi.

  • Malakhi

    Malakhi is a variant of Malach.

  • Mal'akhi

    Hebrew form of Malachi.

  • Malandra

    Invented name, a prefixed form of Andra.

  • Malati

    Means "jasmine" in Sanskrit.

  • Malcolm

    From Scottish Máel Coluim which means "disciple of Saint Columba ".

  • Malcom

    Variant of Malcolm.

  • Maldwyn

    Welsh form of Baldwin.

  • Maleah

    Variant of Malia.

  • Malee

    Malee originates in Thai language and it means "flower".

  • Maleko

    Hawaiian form of Mark.

  • Malena

    Swedish and Spanish short form of Magdalena, and Czech short form of Mahulena.

  • Malene

    Danish short form of Magdalene.

  • Malfred

    Malfred is an English, derived from the Germanic languages.

  • Malgorzata

    Polish form of Margaret.

  • Mali

    Means "flower" in Thai.

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Names between Makram and Mali that Begin with M. Makram, Maks, Maksim, Maksimilian, Maksym, Maksymilian, Mala, Malach, Malachai, Malachi, Malachy, Malai, Malaika, Malak, Malakai, Malakhi, Mal'akhi, Malandra, Malati, Malcolm, Malcom, Maldwyn, Maleah, Malee, Maleko, Malena, Malene, Malfred, Malgorzata, Mali, Names between Makram and Mali that Begin with M

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